Tactic Hero Crush is now available on Android as early access

Create your hero team to fight against the invaders and protect your base

Tactic Hero Crush is an upcoming hero-based puzzle game developed by the Chinese studio Longcheer Games. The developers have currently made its game available on Google Play as part of its early access for Android users.

The game has a different approach to the traditional match to three titles like Candy Crush and Jelly Crush by introducing the Heroes-based system. This unique mechanic adds a flavor of madness to the originally known gameplay.

Gameplay Overview

 The game is extremely different from other matches the three format games mainly because of its unique heroes system. Players need to match the tiles with the same colors (Minimum of 3) to remove them from the table and summon a hero. The heroes will help the players to attack enemy players and defend their base. Players can also steal enemy heroes by strategically bringing them to our table by matching tiles.

Tactic Hero Crush Gameplay
Tactic Hero Crush Gameplay

The game has two different game modes, PvE and PvP. The story mode (PvE) contains more than 200+ scenarios with incremental difficulties. The other PVP game mode contains real-time duels with players from across the globe. To make the PVP mode more competitive, a global ranking system will be introduced.

The unique Heroe system in Tactic Hero Crush

Tactic Hero Crush Hero system
Tactic Hero Crush Hero system

 The game features more than 40 different types of heroes in four colors, each of them bringing their unique skill to the table. Players must match the gems of the same color to make a hero appear from the same color category. The summoned hero will have a random skill based on the gems on which he was matched. The heroes will help the players to protect their base and also attack enemy heroes. 

Players can expect an official release soon

Tactic Hero Crush is expected to move out of early access when the developers officially announced the global release date for the game. Till then if you are an Android user, you can enjoy the early sneak-peeks of the game on Google Play from your Android devices.

Are you excited to try out Tactic Hero Crush as it is available on Android as early access? Let us know in the comments below!

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