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Tales of Luminaria: Bandai Namco announces the release of the next installment in ‘Tales’ series

Tales of Arise is already due for release in 2 weeks on console and PC

In the Gamescom 2021 Opening Night Live, reputed RPG game developer Bandai Namco announced that they are developing yet another game for release in the Tales franchise named Tales of Luminaria. It should be noted that while we speak of another Tales game, Tales of Arise is already due for release in 2 weeks on console and PC platforms. Thus in what can be said as a train of happiness for the fans of the series, a game has been announced while one game is already due to release, therefore sparking a general sense of excitement. 

In the announcement, that is, a short and crisp trailer, Tales of Luminaria featured a 3D environment with 3D characters like those in the console counterparts of the Tales series. Similar to the other games in the series, Tales of Luminaria looks like it could also be well on the way to achieving similar heights in terms of public response and reception. 

Tales of Luminaria: What to expect

Tales of Luminaria release
Graphics from the upcoming game

The trailer starts off with shots showing the evolution of the protagonist over the years followed by a phrase “And now in a new world, a revolutionary new Tale is about to be told.” It is followed by glimpses of the game’s world and environment which features a large city in the fading light of the sun and a forest. The shots then show us the characters who will be featured in the game and their attack animations in a 3D format. 

The fans can expect numerous characters to be available for playing as the trailer itself showed us characters of a total count of about ten who will be unique with their own set of apparel and weapons such as wizards, knights, and sorceresses. Overall, the game looks like it could deliver an action-packed and enjoyable experience for the players similar to that of the other games in the Tales series.

Tales of Luminaria release date

Tales of Luminaria release
Graphics from the upcoming game

No date of release or hints for it has been revealed for the game as of yet except for the statement that it is in development and will be coming soon. The game will be available across all mobile devices running Android or iOS. Thus, the game is expected to be well-polished and put together as seen in the trailer. As of now, all we can do is wait for the title and hope that it meets the expectations of the fans from a developer such as Bandai Namco.

Additionally, you can always check out the official website for more information from here.

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