Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium Pole is now globally available

Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium Pole by the giant FleroGames has globally launched the game on Google Play and App Store. Earlier, the game broke its own record as it garnered one million pre-registrations before its grand launch in January. Since the pre-registration began for both Google Play and Apple Store on October 25, 2019, the numbers for pre-registration gradually grew without massive marketing campaigns like other mobile games.

FleroGames announced that all players will be given 1,100 Pearls after the successful pre-registration, which can be used as in-game goods and a limited special character. It is a muffler penguin, as a sort of reward for pre-registering the game by January 30, 2020. Abyssrium Pole is known as the official sequel to the game Abyssrium, which has already hit 50 million downloads globally. It attracted players’ attention as soon as the teaser was released.

According to sources, to celebrate the official launch of Abyssrium Pole, FleroGames will be holding a login attendance event that will allow players to acquire representative characters. The characters can be from the Arctic regions such as harp seals, arctic hares, and arctic wolves. Depending on the number of accumulated login days.

About Abyssrium Pole

abyssrium pole

The sequel to the hit indie “Tap Tap Fish- Abyssrium”, this game brings the same lovably gameplay to a new, arctic world. Easy to start and simple to play, the players can build their own polar aquarium with just a quick tap. The game is set on the lonely iceberg in the arctic sea and allows the player to experience the peaceful calm of the arctic ocean. Polar bears, Arctic Foxes, Sea Lions, and more adorable animals await on land. Meanwhile, hundreds of deep-sea fish are discoverable in the deep sea.

How to play?

The player has to level up the stone by tapping and then Build Coral to double the vitality. The player can use vitality to create own fish. Also, players can use Cardboard to enjoy the abyss aquarium in VR Game mode.

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Features of the Game

  • Simple Control- Create coral and fish with just a simple tap
  • Amazing graphics- You can view every fish in 3D dimension in HD  
  • Lovely background music- The song of a whale & the sound of water droplets all guide you to a beautiful musical world
  • VR Game Support- Use Cardboard to enjoy your abyss aquarium in VR Game mode. You can watch little fish swimming overhead and right before your eyes—in 3D

The game is now available on both iOS and Google Play. Stay tuned to GamingonPhone for more details about the game. Let us know your opinion about the game in the comment section.

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I’ve been playing this game from last few hours. This game is amazing!

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