MINImax Tinyverse to release globally on January 15

Developed by Nimble Neuron, MINImax Tinyverse is a real-time strategy game which is already available on Steam. Now, the developers have decided to go for the mobile versions of the game. According to the official announcement, MINImax Tinyverse will release globally on January 15, 2020.

What is MINImax Tinyverse

MINImax Tinyverse is an intense real-time strategy game where players play the role of God. The main job of the players will be to help the two opposing realms (Aillai and Creaea) of MINI characters win the war. The game also features 1v1 PVP battles. The store description of the game says,

Lead your favorite Champion to victory! In this fast-paced Real-Time Strategy, become a GOD, cast miracles and command epic battles in a MINIature world. Fight 1 on 1 with players around the world! Who will crush the other first? The fate of your MINIs is in your GOD hands

minimax tinyverse
MINImax Tinyverse gameplay

While the game is already available on Steam, the developers have assured that the mobile version will have some exclusive features. And those might be completely different from the PC version.

Whether it is gameplay or user interface design, we are going a new direction! We sincerely welcome new and old players to explore and experience it!

Crossplay Feature

MINImax Tinyverse will also have the crossplay feature once the game releases on Android and iOS. Players can freely enjoy the game without being restricted to a single version.

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Pre-register now and grab some rewards

The game is currently available for pre-registration on both the Google Play and Apple Store. Those who will pre-register will get a handful of rewards at the beginning,

  • 10 Champion cards
  • 1 Champion Accessory
  • 1500 Gold

From the trailer, the game looks really fun. Also, the Steam reviews are ‘mostly positive’. So the players can hope to have a good time with MINImax Tinyverse.

Are you excited for MINImax Tinyverse release? While we all wait for the game if you want to find out more upcoming game, feel free to check it here. And, if you are looking for a Discord community especially for mobile gamers, feel free to hump in here.

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