Tears of Themis announces “Cozy Couple’s Getaway I” event

Cozy Couple's Getaway I event arrives on February 6th!

Tears of Themis, the romantic detective game will release limited-time event “Cozy Couple’s Getaway I” will begin on February 6, according to a recent announcement from the international interactive entertainment company HoYoverse.

Visit the forests and mountains, or watch the waves crash on the shore. Players can travel to Varnai, a southern nation far from Stellis, using Vyn or Marius. Get free Event R cards, the event-limited “Full of Emotions” badge, S-Chips, and more by taking part in the activities!

Experience local customs and complete a special diary in the Cozy Couple’s Getaway I event

The lotus lanterns are like stars in the sky, illuminating his unspoken promise as the mist above the tea mountain clears in a gentle spring breeze. The stone statue sits motionless, admiring the wonder of love as the sun sets. It paints the sands and the ocean in vivid hues.

Players have the option of traveling to Crystal Island, popularly known as “Rose of the Sea,” with Vyn or visiting the gorgeous Ganrye Mountains with Marius. Experience regional traditions on this relaxing vacation, share a variety of tales with him and finish a special travel diary.

Complete the Mysterious events during the trip and earn amazing rewards in Tears of Themis

Players can pick their chosen path at the start of the vacation. They can follow the male lead to numerous scenic locations to record the lovely moments of this getaway. Upon completing each scenic area, the male lead will leave an exclusive voice message. To provide the gamers with a special experience throughout the trip, mysterious events will also be randomly triggered.

To get the following free Event R Cards, complete the travel routes of both male leads: Bright Flame Vyn and Flower Fragrance Marius, the Event-Limited “Full of Emotions” Badge, S-Chips, Event R Card Fragments, and other rewards are also available to players.

During this time, Marius SSR “Wishing Star” and Vyn SSR “Sunset-Dyed Sand” will have an increased draw rate for the Event Shadow of Themis, which will be accessible for a brief period. Additionally, you can get the all-new Cozy Couple’s Getaway I Dynamic Invitations, “Chasing the Waves” for Vyn, and “Charming Mountain Encounter” for Marius. For the first 48 hours of the event, these Invitations will be available on sale for a brief period.

Are you excited about the Cozy Couple’s Getaway I event in Tears of Themis releasing this February? Do let us know in the comments below!

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