Tears of Themis Beginners Guide and Tips

As the truth becomes more obscure and shrouded in mystery, the lines between good and evil blurs...

Tears of Themis is the latest mobile game developed by miHoYO, who are known for being the creators of Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd. Tears of Themis is a unique simulation game unlike anything miHoYo developed previously. This detective gacha game gives its players mysteries to solve all the while also integrating aspects of romance in the storyline. If a player wants to understand the game’s basic mechanics, here is our Tears of Themis beginners guide with some basic tips and tricks.

Getting started

Tears of Themis is not a complicated game as it provides a very helpful tutorial that guides beginners to do what the game wants them to do. After following the tutorial, beginners can get started with the first episode of the main stories in the X-Note.

Episode 1 – The Hand That Feeds

In this part of our Tears of Themis beginners guide, we will discuss what to do in episode 1 of the main story in X-note for the readers’ convenience and includes spoilers. If you do not want spoilers, please skip the following paragraphs and move to the tips and tricks section.

Tears of Themis
Tears of Themis episode 1

For this episode, players are tasked to defend an old restaurant owner being sued by his customers for causing food poisoning. In truth, he is innocent and is being framed. Throughout the episode, the game will provide the players’ bits and crumbs of the truth until the final episode where the court session occurs. Before that, the game basically tells players everything they need to do. This includes looking for objects in a room that may absolve the restaurant owner. In the court session, players must present the evidence they have gathered in the previous stages. The evidence that needs to be presented is provided below.

Tears of Themis
Tears of Themis
  • For evidence 1, players should choose the insecticide 330 receipt and present the receipt’s fingerprints to the judge to prove Pedro bought the insecticide.
  • For evidence 2, players should choose the front door surveillance video to prove Pedro went into the restaurant around the time the poisoning occurred.
  • For evidence 3, users should choose a water dispenser as proof of Pedro poisoning the water.
  • For evidence 4, players should choose the audio recording of Pedro’s confession and present the kitchen’s CCTV footage.

Tears of Themis Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Make sure you read the stories

Tears of Themis
Read the stories

The main stories in the form of episodes are the biggest attractions when it comes to Tears of Themis alongside the husbandos. Players are recommended to pay at least some attention to the story for their own good as they would find it difficult to progress to the next chapter by skipping the episode’s plot and thus not being able to solve the case. The main story also provides rewards upon completion. Players can also try out the Story mode in the Visit option to get easy rewards.

2. Know how to replenish AP

It is highly recommended that players choose to get energy drinks when they require their AP to be replenished. The other option to replenish AP involves using the S-chips, which is not recommended. The deal of getting stamina is much better with energy drinks than with S-chips.

A small energy drink gives the user 30 APs, and a large energy drink gives the user 60 APs. On the other hand, 20 precious crystals give players 60 stamina. Use the S-chips by converting them to Tears of Themis to get Visions. Also, refrain from stacking up too much AP as it prevents additional AP from being regenerated when users are playing.

3. Do not forget to claim free rewards


There are Server Launch Rewards available for all players in the Mailbox. The players are encouraged to not shy away from rewards like 10 Tears of Themis, 200 S-chips, and many more rewards as part of reaching the 500,000 pre-registration members milestone. They can also go to Events to collect daily rewards that would help with progressing through the story mode. Players will additionally find going to Quests and Rookie Tasks to redeem rewards such as S-chips very helpful.

4. Click on magnifying glass to find clues

While investigating cases, players will have to find clues in different places. For this, there is a magnifying glass on the top right corner that tells the players what the clues in that specific location are. If players want to hurry up and get that stage over with, they can use that feature to find the clues instead of manually searching everywhere

5. Know the mechanics of the debates

Tears of Themis debates
Tears of Themis tip

Debates are an integral part of this game. There are many scenarios where the player has to participate in debates and defeat the opponents to progress. In these debates, there are cards of three colors that are used to determine the strength of an argument: red, blue, and green. It is of the utmost importance that players remember that blue counters are red, red counters are green and green counters are blue. Players should also get at least 1 card from each color to put in their deck for more balance.

6. Use different cards depending on the wave of the debates

In the first wave of the debate, it is more than likely that the opponent comes at you with 3 points. It is recommended that players use their comparatively weaker cards in the first round. This includes the R and SR cards. The stronger SSR cards can be utilized more effectively in the later waves where the opponent only has one point to come at you.

7. Level up your weaker cards

Do not neglect your weaker R cards after getting SSR and SR cards. While facing off against opponents comparatively weaker, it is recommended that players bring in cards that have not been maxed out to their full level yet. The cards gain experience by participating in debates different R or SR cards may be required for different events in the future.

8. Know what card skills to upgrade

When trying to upgrade card skills, it is recommended that players refrain from upgrading R cards at the beginning and prioritize upgrading the skills of the stronger SR and SSR cards. It is also suggested to make upgrades that on skills increase damage dealt instead of the defensive ability. Players can upgrade the damage-dealing skills of the higher rarity cards to become stronger.

Tears of Themis card skills
Tears of Themis card skills

Focus on upgrading the offensive skills instead of defensive as this enables players to finish up the debates much faster. Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Tears of Themis beginners guide and tips!

That’s all for today’s Tears of Themis beginners guide. Did you find our Tears of Themis beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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