Tears of Themis announces “Fluffy Fuzzy Time I” event offering two SSR cards

Adorable animal friends make romantic moments even sweeter!

The limited-time event Fluffy Fuzzy Time I will begin on May 27 in the romance detective game Tears of Themis, according to a recent announcement from HoYoverse. Players can spend pleasant days spending time with a cute odd-eyed Persian cat with Vyn, or go on a touching adventure with Luke to assist a courageous German Shepherd in adjusting to a retired afterlife as a K-9.

Maintain the pet’s diet and cleanliness, engage in conversation with it, and take it on exciting outings. Keep track of the adorable animals’ development and savor every second of your warm and fuzzy time together!

Take care of an animal friend and build a strong bond to obtain amazing rewards

Players can care for an animal companion with Luke or Vyn during the event. Players can take care of the pet by calling for it, feeding it delicious canned food and freeze-dried treats, and washing it frequently. Players can also go on leisurely excursions with the pet, which will start Outdoor Events.

The Pet Sound Communicator and adorable games are unlocked by meeting the pet’s daily needs and raising its trust level. Create a close relationship with the animal to obtain S-Chips and other lucrative prizes. To receive a variety of gifts and the event-limited Badges Heart Remedy and Playful and Sweet, complete all Growth Memories.

Obtain two event-limited SSR cards during the Fluffy Fuzzy Time I event

The two event-limited SSR cards will have higher draw rates available at the same time as the Shadow of Themis event. To hear exclusive stories and phone conversations from the corresponding male protagonists, players can get these cards. “You have no idea how grateful I am to reunite with you. Thank you for not abandoning me from the past till now.”

Get ready to cry once more because the Luke SSR story A Dream of Benji is guaranteed to touch people’s hearts. It was harder than I anticipated to deal with the anguish of longing and control my want to see you. Explore the Trace of Puff narrative by Vyn SSR while listening to heartwarming murmurs.

Luke’s dynamic Invitation A Calm Break and Vyn’s dynamic Invitation Snowball in Dreams will also be available throughout the event. Players can go to the purchase page to start the limited-time sale and receive a 20% discount for 48 hours.

Are you excited about the Fluffy Fuzzy Time I event in Tears of Themis releasing this May? Do let us know in the comments below!

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