Tears of Themis Fluffy Fuzzy Time II limited-time event will be launched this August 2023

Indulge in a fun and sweet time together!

The renowned worldwide interactive entertainment label HoYoverse revealed that their romantic detective game, Tears of Themis, is preparing to introduce a special, time-limited event called Fluffy Fuzzy Time II this August 2023.

Within this event, players will have the opportunity to nurture a spirited and joyful Pomeranian alongside the character Artem, or they can opt to interact with a dignified and playfully sly Russian Blue cat with navy-colored eyes, linked to the character Marius.

Embark on a romantic journey and take care of pets in Tears of Themis Fluffy Fuzzy Time II event

Starting on August 24, 2023, the Fluffy Fuzzy Time II event will be accessible to all players. In this event, players can opt to look after a virtual pet named Artem or Marius. They can nurture the pet’s growth by accomplishing various tasks, thereby unlocking special memories related to its growth journey.

Tears of Themis Fluffy Fuzzy Time II Artem
Image via HoYoverse

Building trust with the pet involves interactions like feeding, calling, and cleaning, among other actions. Taking the pet outdoors triggers unique outdoor events comprising six different stories. Developing trust levels also grants access to the Pet Sound Communicator and several games to enjoy with the virtual pet.

By completing all the Growth Memories, players can earn exclusive rewards such as the Love Messenger and Noble Cat Badges, S-Chips, and more. Furthermore, during this event, players have the opportunity to obtain Artem’s dynamic Invitation called Amiable and Marius’ dynamic Invitation named Together in Dreams. Exploring the event page will also unveil a limited-time sale with a discount offer available for 48 hours.

In addition to the captivating gameplay, the Fluffy Fuzzy Time II Event Shadow of Themis will coincide with this period. Within this event, there will be an increased draw rate for the event-exclusive Artem SSR card Cutie Ollie and the Marius SSR card Sweet Berry. Drawing these cards allows players to immerse themselves in their unique card art, stories, and even phone calls.

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