Tears of Themis Oath to Joy limited-time event will be launched this September 2023

Relive the beautiful memories of the past together!

Global interactive entertainment brand HoYoverse has announced that its romance detective title, Tears of Themis, will launch a series of limited-time events, including “Oath to Joy” event in September. As years have flown by, and another autumn arrives – love and commitment, across every dusk and dawn.

This time, players can spend this special day reminiscing over sweet memories with Vyn. Complete birthday tasks and be rewarded with a multitude of limited-time rewards. In addition, the past birthday event series, “A Wish in the Light” and “Reciprocal Hearts,” will return this September for a limited time.

Image via HoYoverse

In the fictional city of Stellis, where the game’s primary plot is set, players begin their legal careers as rookie attorneys, resolving cases and problems through investigations and deliberations. A dangerous power that threatens justice and order slowly starts to emerge as the darkness hidden beneath finally reveals itself.

The NXX Investigation Team, which consists of the four male protagonists with diverse personalities, offers constant assistance and support along this voyage. Relationships flourish after mutual trust and close cooperation are established.

Players can complete the limited-time birthday event and unlock exclusive stories in Tears of Themis

In the early morning light, awaken from your unending nightmares and welcome the light with wide arms. Players will have access to Vyn SSR “Dreams of Light” during this short-lived birthday event with a higher draw rate!

The limited-time birthday event, the Love Fortune mini-game with Vyn, the hidden object puzzles, and the special stories are all available to players during the “Oath to Joy” event. To receive Vyn R “Taste,” “Vyn – Oath” birthday outfit, “Svart Kitchen” birthday background, “Oath to Joy” event badge, Tears of Themis, and other limited gifts, complete the birthday limited-time objectives. The same time frame will also include Time-Limited Total Purchases. Check-in during the event to receive special sweet voice calls and messages.

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