Tencent’s patent can allow inheritance of digital assets

What happens to our digital game purchases when we die?

Someday, we’ll place our last block in Minecraft or fire our last round in Call of Duty: Mobile. It is going to happen since death is natural. So, what happens to our digital assets then? Stuff like games we’ve bought and in-app purchases we’ve made. Do they go down with us? Recently, Tencent’s patent could entitle people to the inheritance of digital items and assets.

Inheritance of assets: Physical property to gaming

In most cases, people can receive physical property as an inheritance. But, it could be possible that they could soon receive digital game copies or other in-game purchases from inheritance.

Tencent’s patent which has been obtained this month could do exactly that. Filed in 2019, the patent would allow the inheritance of digital items and assets after a person’s demise. Although gaming is not mentioned in the patent, Tencent has made a name for itself in the field and it’s not too hard to see what they’re getting at.

What could this feature mean

If Tencent actually works on this feature, it means that the game account into which players have put hours of hard work doesn’t have to die along with the player. Their legacy can be carried on by the person they choose to will their game account to.

Tencent's patent inheritance digital assets
Apple’s Digital Legacy service

Daniel Ahmad, a reputed analyst has pointed out that Apple too, has recently announced a digital legacy service where users can assign an administrator who can access their digital assets upon the demise of the account holder. Tencent’s patent works in a slightly different way though as the transfer of items is direct. This would be based on what is stated in the original account holder’s will.

It should be interesting to see how Tencent goes forward with this patent. It is to be seen whether game publishers decide to implement this feature into their games as well. Gaming is probably going to be one of the places where something like this could work really well.

What are your thoughts on Tencent’s patent to allow the inheritance of digital assets? Let us know in the comments below.

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