Terraria 2 – A New Age has been teased by one of the game’s developer

Players finally might get a much wanted sequel

A sequel to Terraria, the popular sandbox title that is still being actively updated since its release in 2011 and still has a sizable active community, has been teased, titled Terraria 2- A New Age! New updates on a developer’s Twitter profile could be teasers meant to excite the community before a major announcement although nothing is really clear yet. 

Fans have been asking for a sequel to Terraria for a while now on a bunch of internet forums but the game’s developers and publishers haven’t ever paid much attention to those requests, opting to keep the original game fresh through updates instead. 

Have developers teased Terraria 2- A New Age, or are they trolling fans

Terraria 2- a new age teased
Image via 505 Games

However, @chippygamingyt, a content creator who focuses on Terraria-related content, brought attention to a change in one of the developers’ Twitter profiles. Redigit or @Demilogic, a developer for the game, has changed their location to Terraria 2- A New Age

These changes have led many to believe that a sequel might be in the works. Re-Logic’s VP, Whitney Spinks (@Cennxx) also updated her location to Terraria 2.5 the Final Update (which doesn’t quite make sense since the game just got its 1.4.4 update recently). A third location change seems to make this all seem like an orchestrated prank since another person working on Terraria, Leinfors (@Leinfors), changed their location to Terraria 3: The New Dimension

While this does seem to be a prank, it can also be interpreted as the players’ requests being acknowledged by the people working on the game. If it will ever result in a sequel is something that can’t be confirmed nor denied right now. Only an official announcement can really confirm a sequel and give fans much to look forward to. 

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