The Among Us memes have taken over r/Place

Wherever you look, they’re there!

r/Place finally came to an end recently, also bringing a massive collaborative project to an end. Millions of Redditors came together to decorate a canvas with different designs. Out of all the reasons to remember the event Among Us memes would be on top.

Described by Kotaku as the “Internet’s Most Wholesome Fan War”, battles were fought by subreddits and streamer fanbases working together placing individual pixels to defend their territory or take over that of others but peace agreements were also achieved, and in the end, different flags, logos, and internet memes and other pieces of extremely creative art were eventually just turned back into a screen of white.

The Among Us Invasion on r/Place

There were several really cool game-related collaborations with Angry Birds, Brawlstars, and a bunch of other well-known titles making an appearance in the final version. However, the biggest meme that absolutely flooded the event was Among Us. In every nook and cranny and at times disguised as bigger pictures, crewmates and imposters lurked everywhere. One Reddit user even used a bot to find out all of them and they’re absolutely everywhere! 

Among Us reddit
Image via Innersloth

Although Among Us really seemed to be a big meme ever since it blew into popularity last year but even if the game might not be at its peak anymore, the meme still is going really strong. Hundreds of the iconic jellybean characters from the social deduction game can be found all over the canvas and it really seems like the meme has cemented its place as something that would stay on the internet for years to come. 

Something that’s worth talking about is why this particular game has such a high meme potential. And the answer honestly is because it was picked up by popular subreddits like r/Memes and on other social media platforms while it was at the peak of its popularity. As a casual game, a lot of people were able to jump in quickly and easily. 

Among Us will remain hidden in the final version of the event

It seemed like in all the chaos that happened in the hours that r/Place’s canvas was active, the only thing that remained untouched was all the crewmates and imposters but that’s probably because they quite literally were all over the place. Unlike communities who had to fiercely defend their creations, those behind the among us characters simply blended them into bigger designs, which was quite a great idea on their behalf. 

Among Us r/place
Image via Innersloth

r/Place can pretty much be declared a success (and no one expected otherwise as its previous iterations were also quite popular) and Among Us will always be hiding in the final version for this year’s event. 

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