The Battle Cats brings the Heartbeat Catcademy campaign 2023 with new special stages and units

Celebrate the joys and pains of school days!

The Battle Cats, a strangely endearing strategy game from PONOS Corporation, commemorates the pleasures and hardships of school days with the Heartbeat Catcademy campaign 2023, which offers special game content that all players may enjoy. Players can take advantage of a special map series, free Cat Food awards, and other humorous stuff starting at 11:00 AM on March 13th, 2023.

Earn generous rewards in The Battle Cats during Heartbeat Catcademy 2023

Every week between March 13 and April 10th, gamers can try their luck for free at the Cat Scratcher lottery in order to win large gifts of cat food! Have another chance to select one of the three Cat Scratcher circles starting on Monday of the event to discover a prize of up to 150 cans of premium cat food.

The Battle Cats Heartbeat Catcademy 2023 Scratcher
Image via PONOS Corporation
  • Chance 1: 3/13 11:00am through 3/19 11:59pm 
  • Chance 2: 3/20 11:00am through 3/26 11:59pm 
  • Chance 3: 3/27 11:00am through 4/2 11:59pm 
  • Chance 4: 4/3 11:00am through 4/10 10:59am 

Throughout this Heartbreak Catcademy campaign, assist the Cats as they negotiate the difficulties of first love while enjoying four different sorts of event-only special maps! Clear event maps to receive special Love Letter item rewards.

A new map will be available at the beginning of each campaign week. To obtain limited edition heroes including the brand-new unit Class Rep. Cat, Secret Crush Cat, Chalkboard Eraser Cat, and Masked Lion Cat, exchange Love Letters at the Event Capsules. Clear the Weekend Confession stages on Saturdays and Sundays by gathering all the Heartbreak Academy event Kitties.

The Battle Cats Heartbeat Catcademy 2023 Weekend
Image via PONOS Corporation

By acquiring a fresh login stamp each day, such as Cat Tickets, Rare Tickets, and additional Love Letters, players can increase their earnings.  To receive every single daily prize, make sure to arrive at the Cat Base between March 13 (11:00 am) and April 10 (10:59 am) with perfect attendance.

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