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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross celebrates its 3rd anniversary with the Holy War Festival

Celebrate the anniversary with exciting new content and special events!

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross has received a new game update for its 3rd anniversary from Netmarble, a well-known developer and distributor of top-notch mobile games. Players can interact with a recently added character, take part in several time-limited events, win exclusive rewards, and more with the Holy War Festival.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross will feature new content and special events during its 3rd-anniversary celebration

Players now have access to a new light attribute hero [The Four Archangels] Mael of Sunshine. Players can now get the Diamond and Artifact Card after finishing Chapter 26 thanks to another update. All players can also enjoy the updated Underground Labyrinth Season 3. There’s also updated New Holy Relics for Goddess of Beauty Freyja and Mono of Blood and Iron are also available.

The Holy War Festival’s Three Year Anniversary celebration brings several in-game events for the players, including:

7DS 3rd Anniversary Holy War Festival ~ Origin of the Sun Festival Draw

It gives the chance to obtain Mael of Sunshine, one of [The Four Archangels]. This draw also includes heroes from The Four Archangels or Demon. It also has current heroes like [Twisted Darkness] Berserk Estarossa, [Restored Memories] Elizabeth of Eternal Rebirth, and [Demon King’s Deputy] Executioner Zeldris. The new hero [The Four Archangels] Mael of Sunshine is guaranteed at 900 miles. The SSR heroes are guaranteed at 300 and 600 miles.

7DS 3rd Anniversary Special Thank You Draw

The largest scale gives players a chance to acquire a total of 264 heroes. Every day for a total of 14 days, participants will receive a 7DS 3rd Anniversary Special Thank You Part 1 Pick Up Ticket to enter the draw. With this ticket, you can acquire 11 heroes. (a maximum of 154 heroes for 14 days). With the 7DS 3rd Anniversary Special Thank You Part 2 Step Up Ticket, players can access a maximum of 110 heroes during the second phase of the festival.

3rd Anniversary Holy War Festival Check-in Event

For the 28 days, participating players who check-in can only get 200 Diamonds.

Global 3rd Anniversary Special Mission

UR Evolution Pendants and 3rd Anniversary Holy War Festival Tickets are among the rewards available for completing each of the game’s five distinct missions.

3rd Anniversary Holy War Festival Goddesses’ Lucky Cards Event

This 10-stage event offers rewards for choosing a card using an item that was given to you while you were playing the game. The Global 3rd Anniversary Card Pack, Event Costume for the new hero [The Four Archangels] Mael of Sunshine, and growth materials are just a few of the rewards that players can earn.

Event Boss Battle – Aboru

Based on the overall score of defeating the event boss battle, rewards will be given. The Global 3rd Anniversary Lucky Bag Ticket, Event Costume for new hero [The Four Archangels] Mael of Sunshine, and Global 3rd Anniversary Card Pack are among the in-game items that can be exchanged for rewards at the exchange shop after the event boss battle.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a turn-based mobile RPG game. The game features breathtaking animations and the gripping tale and adventures of “The Seven Deadly Sins.” The cast of the original Japanese voice actors reprises their roles in high-resolution 3D animated cutscenes, bringing the continent of Britannia to life.

Are you excited about the 3rd-anniversary celebration of The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross? Let us know in the comments below!

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