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The Seven Deadly Sins Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross or 7DS is a role-playing adventure game with a gacha mechanic. It follows the anime religiously and puts the gamer right in the world of Britannia where most of the Seven Deadly Sins series was set. Non-fans can still enjoy the game as it immerses the player in the game’s storyline with its top-notch 3D anime graphics. An RPG turn-based game that also gives the players the ability to customize the characters, the “tavern”, ability to join guilds, co-op raids, and PVP. It may be a handful but, in this beginner’s guide about The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, we will help you start your journey in the world of Britannia with some tips & tricks as well.

Move as you like in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

The movement on the game is fairly easy as you just need to tap on the screen and drag it to where you want Meliodas to move. The camera will pan on its own. Moving Hawk’s mom in the world map moves almost the same way but you will need to tap on her destination first, like that new location you’ve just unlocked.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross movement

The movement inside your tavern, the Boar Hat, is the same as Meliodas’ movement in towns. With additional features such as talking to Elizabeth or Hawk, cleaning the table, changing the background music, cooking, and even serving that delicious Vanya Ale. Take note that once you unlock other characters through story progression you will also have the ability to salvage equipment and exchange materials.

Complete tasks to make progress

7DS’ tasks or quests can help you gain more experience to help you rank up. These quests are also important in advancing through the storyline and unlocking features such as guilds, PVP, and other characters in the game. There are a total of four different coloured tasks available and these are:

  • (!) green for daily tasks
  • (!) blue for easy tasks
  • (!) red for hard tasks
  • (!) yellow for main tasks
The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross tasks

Understanding the combat system in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

As for the game’s battle system, it is turn-based and enemies come in waves. Each player has the ability to choose up to three characters per team and in some instances, it requires you to have a certain character join the battle. As a free-to-play mobile game, each battle will expend stamina that will replenish over time.

Skill Cards

7DS Skill cards

Once in combat, the player will have skill cards. These cards have the ability to rank up if both of the same skills are next to each other. Ranking up the skill cards will make it stronger. The maximum skill rank is three stars. You can move the cards in any direction but it will expend a slot. The number of skills you can use per turn depends on how many empty skill slots are available. If you have two characters in the team, you’ll have two empty slots and so on.

Players can choose which enemy they want to attack first by tapping on the enemy itself. The enemy who will attack next will have a “NEXT” text bar on top. By predicting who will go next, you can efficiently and probably defeat the enemy before it attacks.

Ultimate & Combination moves

For every skill used, every character will have his/her ultimate move gauge filled. Once it’s filled, you will have an extra special skill card waiting. Whether the skill is AoE (Area of Effect) or single target attacks will depend on the character. Aside from a standard ultimate attack, a player can also unlock Combined Attack. A special ultimate attack that combines the power of the main character and his or her associated hero.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Combos

As you can see from the image above, we paired [The Seven Deadly Sins] Captain Meliodas with [Heart of the Land] Mercenary Diane that unlocks a more powerful ultimate attack, Metal Crash. From the standard ultimate attack of Meliodas, 1000 Divine Cuts, that deals 490% of Attack, Metal Crash can give a whopping 560%. Associated heroes differ per character but it is good to take note that once you put a character in the main team, you can not put him or her to another character’s associated hero.


Let us not forget attributes. It can give your characters a boost and can also spell doom if you’re bringing in a single attribute team to battle like all Speed characters versus HP enemies. Take advantage of that extra 30% damage increase to help kill a certain boss.

Eating food will buff your team

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Food buff

Aside from putting Ban and his cooking talent into good use, cooking, and then eating it can give your team a buff. Each food will have a different buff. One will increase your regeneration rate by 20%, the other will boost your resistance by 30%, and so on. Take note that you only have one buff so choose accordingly. The food can also be given to a character to increase its affinity. By increasing the character’s affinity, you can unlock certain items such as free diamonds, hero CVs, weapons, and hair.

Equipment will boost your characters

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Equipment

Another way to increase the power of your characters is through equipment. You may get some drops from doing tasks or by purchasing them from merchants in towns. Don’t forget to enhance it by using Enhance Stones that you can get from salvaging unused equipment and of course, gold. Rare drops such as the one shown above are usually drops.

Visit pop-up shops for additional boosts

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross pop up shops

Okay so you already have your team fully equipped and already buffed, you can still make your character stronger by visiting pop-up shops. These shops are not like your usual town merchant as they are only open for one hour and have a schedule set up. They are available in Vanya, Dalmally, Post Town Tala, Vaizel, and Ordan Village. Their wares are something you should check out as they are selling rare items such as UR, SSR, and SR weapons for around 20 diamonds and giftable items such as small silver coin pouch, ribbon hair tie, and lost doll. These giftable items are for your characters, that you give to increase their affection.

Remember the birthdays of characters

Yes, these characters celebrate their birthdays in the game. Here’s a good tip, if you know it’s their birthday, make sure to give them a gift as they will give you 10 times the affection. Interesting, isn’t it? Here’s a list to help you remember the birthdays of all the characters.

BanFebruary 14
ElaineMarch 14
KingApril 1
GowtherJune 2
ElizabethJune 12
EscanorJuly 1
MeliodasJuly 25
ArthurAugust 17
MerlinDecember 3
DianeDecember 24

Tips & Tricks to progress quickly in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Our The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross beginner’s guide also includes some tips & tricks which will come handy to progress quickly in the game. As a mobile gacha game, players will receive random characters from their character pool on every pull. Each pull costs 3 diamonds and if you were able to save 30 diamonds, it will give you 11 pulls. It is recommended that you save at least 30 diamonds before pulling as it can give you that extra chance for an SSR.

There are four-character rarities in the game and these are R that maxes at level 30, SR that maxes at level 40, SSR at level 50, and UR at level 60+. By using the game’s gacha mechanic (Draw), the player has a shot of getting either of three rarities: R, SR, and SSR, as you can only get UR characters by limit breaking SSRs. Take note that evolving a hero to increase its max level but will reset it back to 1.

In addition, you will also need Evolution Pendants and other evolution materials to push your hero to its max. Earning these materials will help you boost your team and progress quickly:

Free Gacha Pull

Get your free 7DS gacha pull every day just by going to draw and watching an ad(maximum 30 seconds). Your chances of receiving a free SSR still depends on the rates given. Another way to get a free gacha pull is by logging in every day and receiving check-in rewards from Elizabeth.

Free Gold

Free Gold in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Gold is easy to find in the world of Britannia. Aside from getting it from logging in daily and getting it from Elizabeth, tasks, and watching ads, it is scattered around towns and even inside your tavern. Check for boxes and items that have that magnifying glass icon and make sure to interact with them. Aside from gold, you may also receive other items such as vegetables, herbs, and poultry.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Beginner's Guide

Inside your tavern, you can use the gyro mode to see the Boar Hat from a first-person perspective. You can activate it by going to Elizabeth and choosing the icon that looks like a top. While in gyro mode, make sure to know how to pan the camera as it may be dizzying to navigate. Once you get used to it, feel free to roam around the tavern and look for items that sparkle.

Free Diamonds, Stamina, Enhance Stone

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Beginner's Guide

You will need to go to the achievements tab where can get all three once you pass a certain requirement. You can get to the achievements tab by tapping on Quests > Challenge Task > Achievements. As you complete each achievement, the bar will go up but also the compensation. You will earn more as you move forward.

That’s it from today’s The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross beginner’s guide. There is still a lot to explore in the world of Britannia. Those include customizing the tavern, gaining your character’s affection, PVP, Training Cave, and much more. The game already collaborated with famous Japenese novel series That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and is currently collaborating with another popular series Attack on Titan. So jump in today and add your favourite characters from the series as your in-game heroes!

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