Tintin Match is a new mobile Puzzle game based on the Tintin series

Get ready to explore the Crab with the Golden Claws once again!

The majority of the first generation android gamers will be thrilled to know that after several years, another Tintin game is coming to mobile. The old popular Tintin game that first landed on Android devices was made by Gameloft. However, this time the latest release is from entirely new developers known as 5th Planet Games. The developers announced earlier that their highly acclaimed Tintin puzzle game, Tintin Match will be coming to both Android and iOS on the 31st of August, less than a week away. Initially, the game had a quiet early launch that was limited as an early access Beta on the Google Playstore.

The game still remains in the early access stage and is playable. However, some features remain limited or inaccessible until its full launch in less than a week. Hardcore fans of the popular franchise may not want to wait for a full release before they can get their hands on the game.

Tintin Match is a Match-3 Puzzle Game

We are sorry to disappoint players who were expecting the upcoming Tintin title to be an adventure RPG like the former Gameloft version. The game is going to be a match-3 puzzle game. However, it’s going to have focus on the story of TinTin.

Tintin match gameplay 31st august release

Each level will present players with colorful puzzles that are based on the actual world of TinTin. So whenever you get past a stage, you’ll unlock new characters, or iconic TinTin locales that you might recognize from the books.

Gameplay takes players back to The Crab with the Golden Claws

Nick Rodwell, Managing Director of Moulinsart, the company that owns the copyright of TinTin, had a meeting to discuss the collaboration with 5th Planet Games, he stated: “We’re very excited about this opportunity to introduce Tintin to mobile gamers around the world.” He further added;

“In order to allow players to take on the role of the everyday-man-detective and solve puzzles and mysteries on their own, through a fun and familiar game mechanic, is a great way to expand the Tintin universe. We very much hope that it will be a huge hit among fans of both Tintin and puzzle games throughout the world”.

The gameplay kicks off following The Crab with the Golden Claws story, which was originally released in 1941. From that point, you’ll take control of TinTin and try to make your way through interesting puzzles, move obstacles to clear your path, grab items that are out of reach by matching titles, and trying to avoid capture.

You must, however, complete the levels within a set of turns too. This means if you want to acquire 3 stars in all stages, you’re gonna have to step up your game and most likely repeat some of the levels more than once.

Tintin Match is releasing on August 31st

As excited as the developers are to bring Tintin Match to mobile, the best hope that the mobile audience will welcome it with open hands, because a lot of players seem to have forgotten all about the TinTin franchise, and many may not want to go back to it.

The game will be available on the Google Playstore for Android users, and App Store for iOS users on August 31st. For now, it is available in early access for Android users. And as expected, it’s going to be free-to-play with a certain amount of in-app purchases.

Are you excited about the release of the upcoming game Tintin Match? Let us know in the comment section below.

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