Tomb Raider Reloaded has soft-launched in selected regions

Further soft-launches will be made soon!

Emerald City Games have finally managed to soft-launch Tomb Raider Reloaded in South East Asia, Thailand, and the Philippines. This is the newest title in the Tomb Raider franchise starring Lara Croft. This videogame was initially revealed back in November of 2020. The classic video game series is being created in partnership with Square Enix London directly.  The trailer suggests that the newest title looks to be going back to the roots of the franchise, the original Tomb Raider titles. It is unlike most recent games which have shifted from action towards more puzzle-style games.

Lara Croft blasts onto mobile in an arcade-adventure game!

“Learn new skills, gain mystical powers, equip gear, and level up to become the ultimate Tomb Raider!”

  • Collect relics!
  • Display trophies!
  • Unlock skills!
  • Face supernatural enemies!
  • Solve puzzles!
Tomb raider Reloaded
Image via CDE Entertainment

Much to the chagrin of many players, this reveal was found to be quite disappointing to longtime fans of Tomb Raider. Many users are hoping for remakes of the original games on mobile or console platforms. This is unfortunate for long-time tomb raider players, but the mobile market is clearly where a lot of the profit is, especially since the pandemic.

When will Tomb Raider Reloaded release globally

Square Enix is the holder of the Tomb Raider IP. As of late, they’ve been on a roll with announcing new titles in the Final Fantasy Franchise. Two new games were added to their Final Fantasy catalog which should be releasing over the next year or so. Square Enix is really trying to bring mobile gaming to the forefront of their company with these new announcements.

The ActionArcade game is only set for a soft-launch in select regions as confirmed by Square Enix. Although, it’s safe to assume that further soft launches will be made in anticipation of global release. Incidentally, the Tomb Raider franchise is set to celebrate its 25th anniversary in October 2021, which might hint at a global release this year. Check your mobile store of choice to see if the game is available in your region for Android or iOS.

What is your take on the Tomb Raider Reloaded soft-launch in selected regions? Mention them in the comments section below!

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Not available in Thai store sooo idk what are you talking about >.>


I looked all over the AppStore. It’s not showing up. Tried to google the app store web page with it, also nothing. I was really looking forward to play it but I can’t. I am fully aware it’s official but it would be amazing that somehow you could provide links to app store just like google play store when you post your articles. It’s not there sadly 🙁

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