Spike Chunsoft and TooKyo Games announced Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE

Developers of Danganronpa have come out with their next title

Spike Chunsoft announced their new project “Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE” on their official Twitter handle along with TooKyo Games, the creative team behind the hit game series ‘Danganronpa’. However, the developers of the game did not reveal the details regarding the launch of the game, like the launch date and platforms. But a few screenshots and a teaser trailer of the game were released on the official website of Spike Chunsoft.

According to the official website, Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE will be a dark fantasy mystery game. The game scenario is written by Kazutaka Kodaka, the same writer who has created the video game series of Danganronpa while the soundtrack is composed by Masafumi, and the characters are designed by Rui Komatsuzaki.

Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE: What we know so far

The tease trailer of Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE seems pretty intriguing with bright neon pink lights all over the mysterious city. Not much is revealed in the teaser trailer but a few important details of the game can also be seen. A tiny little boy with pink hair can be seen exploring the mystery city who can be the protagonist of the game as his style is pretty much similar to the protagonists of the Danganronpa series. 

Another character of a tall female can be seen in the trailer. The girl has light pink, long wavy hair with horns and is dressed in gothic style. Along with these two characters, a few scenes were also shown in the trailer, the boy meeting the ghosts, a murder scene, and hanging cliffs. However, the gameplay was not revealed. The background music by Masafumi adds to the dark humor and mystery of the game.

The game seems to let players explore the city and solve the mysteries behind murders and other events. The teaser site states that the game will likely be an M rating game from ESRB. In an interview with Famitsu, Kodaka stated that “the game will be a mystery adventure that no one has ever seen”.

As Danganronpa and Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE shares the same creative team, the expectation from the latter is high up. Whether the game will be released on both Android or iOS is not known.

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