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Torchlight: Infinite is now available globally on Android and iOS

Torchlight: Infinite, which has revamped gameplay and a fascinating new season of content, heralds the comeback of ARPG game royalty for XD Inc as it is now available globally for Android and iOS devices. This contemporary dungeon-crawler leads the series in a brave new direction with its dynamic cast of heroes, bright aesthetics, rewarding customizability, and seamless cross-platform connectivity.

The Cube of Rapacity season introduces an explosive new playable hero in Torchlight Infinite

During the game’s open beta, the creators have been working hard to provide intriguing new features and material that will appeal to both genre novices and veterans. Speaking of veterans, David Brevik, the developer of Diablo and consulting producer for Torchlight: Infinite, was recently the subject of a behind-the-scenes interview by XD Games. He discusses how the game manages to develop and overcome obstacles within the constantly shifting gaming industry scene as he looks back on a career spanning more than 30 years.

The newest season, “Cube of Rapacity,” adds the brand-new Incarnation of the Gods Hero Trait for Thea as well as an explosive new playable hero named Escapist Bing. For the Cube of Rapacity itself, this seasonal gameplay aspect gives the hack and slash action a thrilling risk-reward component.

As you play, Incarnation monsters will invade the stages with a possibility to drop Desire Crystals, which may subsequently be used to purchase items using the Cube of Rapacity when it appears after defeating the stage boss. Trade your crystals for valuable goodies, but beware – if you get overly greedy, the Cube may punish you by destroying any rewards you haven’t claimed.

Incarnations that have been defeated also have a chance to drop Desire Cores, which can be used to unlock The Law Bearer, the new Season monster. Hunters who succeed will be rewarded with special items in one of the game’s toughest confrontations.

Moreover, a new Talent Panel has been developed, enabling even more customization. This Panel operates differently from the other six and is devoted to the mysterious Seventh God. It displays a tangram-like puzzle that may be filled out by putting additional lootable objects called Divinity Slates instead of a straight growth path. It would help if you properly positioned them on the grid in order for them to deliver a variety of bonuses that were taken from the other six Talent Panels.

Torchlight infinite
Image via XD Inc

With event awards for participants and a $10,000 prize pool reserved for the top 100 players who can gather the most puzzle pieces in the community event, which also launches on May 9th, hunters may show their support for their favourite streamers in the Cube Dash competition.

More gameplay changes arriving with the global launch and Torchlight: Infinite’s latest season

The development team has improved and expanded essential gameplay mechanics in preparation for the Torchlight: Infinite global launch after carefully considering player feedback. With two new techniques, Prototype Production and Focused Processing, the in-game crafting system has undergone one of the biggest advancements.

Cube of Rapacity
Image via XD Inc.

Hunters can lock in two preferred affixes while rerolling the stats on their gear via prototype production. This allows you to keep advanced affixes on your gear, but you can only use it so many times until your item’s Plasticity drops to 0.

Hunters can now use Ember to build whatever gear affix they want, but the penalty of rolling back crafting outcomes will be significantly higher. Targeted Processing will take the place of the old crafting approach in the meantime. They represent significant adjustments to the crafting system as a whole and provide players more freedom and more interesting experience as they search for the ideal loadout.

Torchlight Infinite Closed beta
Image via XD Inc.

Here’s a preview of more gameplay changes arriving with the global launch and Torchlight: Infinite’s latest season:

  • New “Guild” feature  Hunters can create and join guilds, communicate with friends, and obtain rewards from guild events.
  • Hero builds made easier – A rookie build recommendation feature has been added to help new Hunters learn the mechanics of the game faster and to make it easier to put together powerful hero builds.
  • Higher damage limit – With a change to the number of digits in underlying calculations, single-hit damage limits can now exceed 2.1 billion!
  • Pactspirit improvements – Save your favorite Pactspirit configurations and conveniently switch them on-the-fly.
  • Bragging rights – View your performance stats and share battle reports with other players after completing a stage.
  • Void Rifts – These will now appear on maps – enter a Void Rift to face intense battles and win big rewards.
  • New Trade House functionality – It is now possible to search for repeated affixes in the advanced search. The search conditions of advanced searches will also be retained after leaving the Trade House.

There’s no better time to experience Torchlight: Infinite’s deep, dynamic dungeon-crawling gameplay with more content, updates, and events planned throughout 2023 as the Torchlight: Infinite game is now available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Are you excited as Torchlight: Infinite game is now available on Android and iOS? Let us know in the comment section below!

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