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Tower of Fantasy announces Childlike Innocence event with amazing rewards

Exchange Bubbles for amazing rewards!

Tower of Fantasy is releasing a new limited-time event during the Vera 2.0 update called ‘Childlike Innocence’. It’s a simple exchange event where players would have to collect Bubbles and exchange them for various rewards.

The Childlike Innocence event is set to start on the 16th of November at 22:00 EST (Eastern Standard Time) and will end on the 22nd of November at 22:00 EST (Eastern Standard Time). The event will last for a total of 6 whole days

Players can collect Bubbles and exchange them for rewards in Childlike Innocence event

Childlike Innocence is a limited event where players can collect ‘Bubbles’ by participating in various activities. The activities are: 

  • Bounty Missions (10 Bubbles every clearance)
  • Void Rifts (20 Bubbles every clearance)
  • Frontier Clash (5 Bubbles on Normal and 10 Bubbles on Hard for every cleared wave)
  • Opening World Boss Chests (Purple chip box gives 15 Bubbles and 2 Bubbles for Blue)
  • Joint Operations (10 Bubbles for every opened Chest)
  • Raids (10 Bubbles for Normal and 20 Bubbles on Hard for every clearance)
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There is a daily maximum capacity for the number of Bubbles players may receive which accumulates over the days. Players can only collect a total of 400 Bubbles on their first day. The next day it increased to 800 Bubbles and the following 1600 Bubbles. The total maximum amount players can collect Bubbles is 2000, which can be obtained on the 5th day of the limited event. Be sure to note that the maximum cap amount resets at 05:00 every day. 

Tower of Fantasy Childlike Innocence event: Rewards

There are many rewards that players can obtain and exchange with the Bubbles in the Limited Order section of the Reward Store such as:

  • Red Nucleus x3
  • Joint Supply Chip I x3
  • Starry Glasses x1
  • Naughty Trails x1
  • Floating Paradise x1
  • Mi-a’s Children’s Day Voice Pack x1
  • Gray space Scriptures x3
  • SR Relic Shard Box x20
  • Elemental Ore Shard Box x10

That’s all about the latest limited-time Childlike Innocence event in Tower of Fantasy.

What are your thoughts about the Childlike Innocence event in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comment section below!

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