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Tower of Fantasy introduces Fei Se, the new Simulacrum set to release on September 26th

One mustn't let down the beauty of the flower bloom

Tower of Fantasy will be launching a new Simulacrum in the Global version in the coming weeks. In this second half of the version 3.2 update, players must brace themselves for an amazing new Simulacrum and more, which includes the investigation of new characters and a fascinating tale. The upcoming updated edition will add Fei Se, a new limited Simulacrum that will release in Tower of Fantasy on September 26, 2023.

Tower of Fantasy Version 3.2 “The Dragon Grove” Update

Each update in the vast universe of Tower of Fantasy provides the promise of new frontiers to explore, and the version 3.2 update, “The Dragon Grove,” is no exception. Joltville, a hidden jewel within Domain 9, welcomes daring adventurers.

This community, hidden among the mountains, has its own set of mysteries. Joltville functions as an administrative center as well as a lively commerce center, demonstrating the confluence of activities at Qinglong’s Might.

Despite its seeming warmth, Joltville suffers its own set of difficulties. The town’s peace and prosperity are jeopardized by field energy depletion and the oncoming Darkness invasion. With the release of “The Dragon Grove,” players were welcome to enter this new sub-region and join the town’s fight against darkness.

Why should you pull Fei Se in Tower of Fantasy

Fei Se is a Flame DPS character who uses the Heavy Pistil as her weapon. The flame resonance in her weapon increases flame ATK by 20% and flame resistance by 40%. Equip two or more flaming weapons to activate. This set effect is also applicable to weapons in the off-hand slot.

Flame Resonance does not stack with this effect. She also has S-shatter and SS-charge, which makes her a very good unit for dealing damage to shatter enemies.

What are your thoughts on the release of Fei Se in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below.

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