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Tower of Fantasy introduces its new simulacrum, Yulan, set to release this July

Celebrate the latest update with a new simulacrum!

The latest simulacrum, Yulan, will be introduced to Tower of Fantasy, the popular free-to-play, open-world MMORPG, on 18th July 2023, as announced by publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio. Yulan’s debut is in commemoration of the recent release of the major 3.0 update, Domain 9 Sector, on June 27.

The mighty frost simulacrum of Domain 9, Yulan, arrives in Tower of Fantasy

Yulan, a frost simulacrum, has gained a formidable reputation in Domain 9 by utilizing her exceptional expertise in martial arts. She has earned the admiration of those who dare to challenge her, thanks to her ability to attain a state of complete transcendence during battles. This state grants her unwavering focus and ensures her success in combat. Recognizing her extraordinary skill, Master Yu appointed her as the Sundial Guard, entrusting her with the esteemed duty of safeguarding the Infinite Sundial.

Master Yu holds the belief that Yulan possesses a “pure heart,” a concept revered by ancient philosophers in Domain 9. This belief is rooted in the notion that Yulan’s pure heart enables her to effortlessly achieve her goals and aspirations.

Apart from her unparalleled martial arts prowess, Yulan also wields the most advanced technological weapon found in Domain 9. This weapon, when used in conjunction with timestamps, generates a powerful airstream that mimics the effect of gloves. This not only protects Yulan’s hands during combat but also significantly amplifies the strength of her punches.

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