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Tower of Fantasy version 3.0 update ‘Domain 9 Sector’ to arrive on June 27

Uncover the secrets of a forgotten realm!

Tower of Fantasy has just announced an upcoming new update, Version 3.0 called “Domain 9 Sector” which is set to be released on June 27th, 2023. The new update will feature a brand new region to explore called Domain 9 along with a new mission, new Simulacrums, and re-runs on the way. 

Tower of Fantasy Version 3.0 will feature new map expansion along with a New Story Mission

The new Version is set to release a new area called Domain 9 which is said to be a Forgotten and Hidden Realm that has much ancient history set in stone. A new region means that there will be a vast number of explorable content for Wanderers to complete along with new enemies. The new version update will also feature the continuation of the Storyline in the game where we meet up with Lan to have access to the hidden domain.  

Unlike Vera, Domain 9 is a world where classical civilization and advanced technology co-exist. It is a land that admires classical Chinese culture, boasting the idea of the coexistence of tradition and technology, culture and science. The founders of Domain 9 initially stumbled across this vast place filled with ruins from another world upon their arrival, calling them the Black Jade Ruins. Deciphering the information from the Black Jade Ruins led to the creation of the timestamp that is essential for Domain 9’s survival and development.

Located within the Aida Spacetime Singularity of the Vera Grand Sea, on the surface, Domain 9 may not seem very different from the outside world. Yet due to space-time barriers, Domain 9 has been isolated from the rest of Vera for more than 100 years, earning it the name of the ‘Forgotten Realm’. Inside, its people have discovered a special site known as the Black Jade Ruins, and through years of study, they have developed sophisticated technology based on Timestamps. This Timestamp technology has become an integral part of its people’s resistance against their biggest threat yet, Grayspace Entities known as Darkness. 

Domain 9 contains four Black Jade Ruins, each located in a different state. Each of them has unique traits which affect the timestamp tech in their respective areas in a certain way. Some of the sub-regions of the locations include Windward Outskirts, Spiritfall Rise, Dark Temple Ruins, Black Jade Ruins, Farewellville Mansion, Field Ruins, and Cloudflow Zenith. 

Many crises in Domain 9 are linked with the Black Jade Ruins. There is a powerful Darkness far beyond recognition that has been sealed away in each of the four Black Jade Ruins. As the ruins are breaking down and their power is gradually depleting, the Darkness inside is trying to break free. The Darkness affects the self-command combat units deployed inside the ruins and turns them against the citizens.

New Simulacrums, Liu Huo and Yu Lan is set to make a debut with the new Version 3.0 update

With the new version of the game, an update comes up with new and exclusive limited Simulacrums, one of them being an upcoming playable Simulacrum named Liu Huo. According to Lan, Liu Huo is a Domain Guard who wears buns and toys with a brush and is an expert in calligraphy. She is said to be a genuine and kind girl, who possesses outstanding martial art skills. Liu Huo is a Flame DPS, wielding her weapon Pine Comet.

Tower of Fantasy version 3.0 characters
Image via Level Infinite

Another Simulacrum will be released in the new version named Yu Lan who is said to be an Ice DPS, wielding her weapon Pian Zhen. She is a lady who is obsessed with martial arts. Even though she has reached a bottleneck in her training, she still practices daily and is making an effort to constantly improve and learn. 

Along with new and limited Simulacrums, the new Version 3.0 is scheduled to release previously limited and exclusive Simulacrums. Under the upcoming Flame and Ice characters, Tower of Fantasy will release re-runs of the following characters: Ruby, Annabella, Lan, Saki Fuwa, Alyss, and Icarus. 

Are you excited about the Tower of Fantasy version 3.0 update that is set to arrive on June 27? Let us know in the comment section below!

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