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Tower of Fantasy releases New Year Garden Party event with exciting rewards

Feel the New Year vibe and obtain rewards!

Tower of Fantasy has released a new limited-time event in version 2.2 called ‘New Year Garden Party’ to celebrate New Year. The Event will be lasting from 22:00, January 11th to 16:00, February 1st (Eastern Standard Time). Players can obtain ‘Fortune Fans’ which acts as an in-game currency to exchange for various rewards. 

The event is a 3 part series that will be available at different times. The names of three events are Floating Bumpers, Break Form Destiny: Co-op Battle, and Dreamy Disco. 

Tower of Fantasy: New Year Garden Party event

1. Floating Bumpers 

Event Duration: January 12th – February 1st (EST)

Tower of Fantasy New Year Garden Party event
Image via Level Infinite

In this event, there will be a set of a maximum of 8 players that can participate during the game. The game’s layout has a fully colored floating platform filled with blocks on the first floor and a few colored platforms above the first one. When players start running, the platforms below them will disappear as they go. The floating blocks and the buffs present will refresh every 30 seconds after players once use them. 

Players will start in the initial first platform, using random small avatars such as Mi-a or the Hamster. The goal is to survive the disappearing platforms till only one player is left. Although everyone participating in the game will obtain the Fortune Fans, the amount of Fans received is determined by the player’s ranking during the game. Higher the rank, the more obtainable Fortune Fans. 

There are certain mechanisms available during the game that can either help or obstruct the players:

Event Mechanism
Image via Level Infinite
  • Capturing the pointed arrow will enable your character to make a high jump and reach the secondary platforms. 
  • The yellow balls work like Hamster balls, where using them will grant you the ability to destruct other players’ momentum, making them off-balance when you bump into them. 
  • The blue pills are used to boost the players, enabling them to increase their movement speed and run faster. 
  • Watch out for any exploding box dolls. They will render the platforms to disappear around their surroundings once it is set off. 

2. Break From Destiny: Co-op Battle

Event Duration: January 17th – February 1st (EST)

Tower of Fantasy New Year Garden Party event
Image via Level Infinite

A Co-op Battle where players band together to fight World Bosses and mobs in the game. A total of 8 participants can join each battle. There will be a set of mobs as the players move along the place till they reach and fight the Final Boss4 random guarding enemies will be present, defeating the enemies as they provide powerful buffs to the Final Boss and themselves. Players can fight the guarding enemies at the beginning of the battle as they cannot attack Final Boss initially. There will be a limited amount of time given to defeat the Final Boss. Finish the boss off before the time to obtain Fortune Fans. 

3. Dreamy Disco 

Event Duration: January 23 – February 1st (EST)

Tower of Fantasy New Year Garden Party event
Image via Level Infinite

Lastly, there is Dreamy Disco which is a dance-off battle where players exhibit unique dance moves like a rhythm game. Before the real event stage starts, 3 Fenrir projections are shown with 3 unique dance moves. Observe them and prepare any 3 corresponding dance moves of your choice during this countdown. Players will then enter the main event stage where a flash mob is conducted with Fenrir. Follow along with Fenrir and make the right dance move as the song plays. Amount of Fortune Fans that player will obtain is based on the number of correct dance moves made. 

Tower of Fantasy New Year Garden Party: Event Rewards

event rewards
Image via Level Infinite

Players can exchange the Fortune Fans in the Store where they can obtain various rewards. Although players can only obtain a certain amount of Fortune Fans each day during the whole Event. Each day, the max capacity of Fortune Fans will be increased. 

Tower of Fantasy: Supply Run

Tower of Fantasy New Year Garden Party event
Image via Level Infinite

To further celebrate the New Year in Tower of Fantasy, a new Supply Run is introduced during the event from January 11th till February 1st (EST). Players can log in to the game to claim the various rewards present in the Supply Pod. 

What are your thoughts about the New Year Garden Party event in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comment section below!

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