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Tower of Fantasy version 2.2 update to bring back Nemesis as the game’s first Re-run Banner

Prepare yourself for Nemesis!

Tower of Fantasy recently announced a Nemesis Re-run banner, to be released in the Version 2.2 update. This is the first ever re-run banner in the Global Version of Tower of Fantasy as we have been hit with a rapid onslaught of new limited characters every patch in order to catch up with the CN version of Tower of Fantasy. 

Nemesis’s rerun banner has been initially speculated and was data-mined from the Beta files a few weeks ago. There were also rumors of her being added to the Standard Banner after her Rerun takes place. Some said that she would be added to the Standard Banner between Lin and Lyra’s Limited banners, but of course, this is pure speculation and should be taken with little to no reassurance. 

The Nemesis Re-run is said to start at the 14th of December, 2022 (22:00 EST) and will last till the 25th of December, 2022 (22:00 EST). Nemesis was the first ever Limited Character that was released during the Tower of Fantasy 1.0 Global Version. 

Nemesis is back with her amazing abilities in Tower of Fantasy

She has been initially deemed to be an amazing Weapon and fell into the S-tier category in many players’ Tier List. As it stands, Nemesis is currently still considered to be META as she is an amazing Support in Volt team comps and can lash out a good degree of damage onto enemies. Not only that, the Volt resonance gives her access to automatically paralyze mobs and enemies.

Image via Level Infinite

Although, the main strong suit of her kit is her healing abilities. In an MMO-RPG game such as Tower of Fantasy, healing is certainly a priority when you battle out hard-hitting Overworld bosses. Nemesis allows your active Simulacrum on the field to be healed every time you dodge away and this ability can stack up to 5 times.

Are you excited about the Nemesis Re-run Banner announcement in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comment section below!

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