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Tower of Fantasy Saki Fuwa simulacrum banner is reportedly leaked along with her matrices

The release date of her banner is still unknown!

Tower of Fantasy has just released the new big Vera 2.0 update patch on October 2022, adding two new sub-regions, the Desert Gobby, which is a harsh desert environment, and Mirroria, a new cyberpunk-themed city. Simulacrums such as Ruby have released their banners along with their respective matrices. According to the leaks, Saki Fuwa simulacrum banner is reportedly leaked along with her matrices in Tower of Fantasy.

Saki Fuwa: The new simulcra in Tower of Fantasy

Saki Fuwa is an Ice Type and a Sword weapon that deals Ice damage with her Ryusen Toshin blades and may act as a DPS. She is undoubtedly an SSR-tier weapon. All her six advancements have been leaked as well. Just like every other Standard or Event-exclusive SSR Simulacrums, her matrices have also been leaked as well.

Judging by the leaks, it may act as a huge damage buff set. Players must keep in mind that the descriptions and her kit may be subject to change and may possibly differ from the Chinese version of Tower of Fantasy.

When will the banner release

Recently, it has been leaked that Saki Fuwa will be released with this 2.0 update, along with Ruby by a known Tower of Fantasy leaker, Sova_ToF on Twitter. This is most likely to be true, since Saki Fuwa was in many of the promotional arts scattered around the Tower of Fantasy social media. It has been shown in the 2.0 version of the Vera trailer, alongside the other two characters Lin and Ruby. Lin has also been rumoured to be released too, although it is still unsure when it will release.

Tower of Fantasy Saki Fuwa banner leaked, Saki Fuwa early damage test
Image via Afrodiy

Saki Fuwa banner is predicted to be released after Ruby’s banner, which would end somewhere around November, essentially after the 9th of November, 2022.

Are you excited as the Saki Fuwa banner has been leaked in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below!

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