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Tower of Fantasy version 4.0 “Gesthos Sector” is set to arrive on 28th May 2024

New major update!

Tower of Fantasy, the popular free-to-play, open-world MMORPG for PC and mobile devices, will be introducing the version 4.0 update titled “Gesthos Sector” is set to arrive on 28th May 2024. To help you with the update specifics, this article will let you know all the details needed.

Tower of Fantasy version 4.0 update overview

New Map: Gesthos Network World

One of the major announcements with the new update was the new map. With Gesthos Network World, we dive into a vast, immersive open world as we can discover new environments, and technologies, and uncover hidden secrets across this massive virtual landscape.

Story Missions

Continue your adventure with the new main story, Link to Origin, alongside various side-story missions. In these missions, players will investigate the mysterious outage of the Gesthos network and work to uncover the truth behind Shirli’s unconsciousness. As the Authorizer of Hykros, players will enter the virtual world constructed by the Network System to resolve these anomalies.

New Simulacrum and Weapon

We will be also getting our hands on Roslyn, the new limited Simulacrum, and wielding her powerful limited weapon, Calm Waters. She seeks to be a cheerful friendly and capable exemplary policeman and truly loves her friends.

Events for Version 4.0

A series of new events will be available with the latest update:

  • Gesthos Sector Events: Participate in Version Delivery and Challenger’s Tasklist events to earn exclusive rewards.
  • Matrix Reconstruction: Enjoy six limited-time gameplays, including Total Remanifestation, Battle Colosseum, and Stellar Network Race.
  • The Authorizer Trial: Complete specified missions for rewards.
  • Supply Run: Join the 7-Day Sign-In event to receive daily rewards.
  • Journey of Friendship H5: Engage in this event for additional bonuses.
Tower of Fantasy 4.0 event calendar
Image via Level Infinite

Also, you can get Roslyn and her exclusive items in the special orders. With the reissue, we get another chance to obtain Yu Lan, Ling Han, and Yanuo. Looking for more rewards? Then you can play Undercover Attire and Reshape the Future events.

Other Updated Content

The new update brings with it new seasons for Frontier Clash and Void Abyss. Bygone Phantasm now lets you go up to Floor 60 in the Boundless Realm for harder tasks and better rewards, while Sequential Phantasm now has Level 12 added. The raid instance Element Alert has been made easier, while the new Evolution Vanguard gameplay is something to look at.

The new future Supercomputing Evolution is arriving, but the Augment module box III has been removed from the Crystal Dust Store. Additional Authorizer’s Terminal gameplay has also been added for more missions and rewards.

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