Ubisoft shares details on the PvP game mode of The Division Resurgence

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Ubisoft has shared some new details on a new PvP game mode that will be included in The Division Resurgence. The third-person shooter is already available for pre-registration and players can register for the same on their respective devices.

The PvP feature will add more multiplayer game modes to the game besides the main RPG open world

The new PvP setting promises to add more multiplayer-based game modes to the game besides the open world which is there left to be explored by the players. These new modes will complement the classic Division gameplay.

Players will be competing against players in a bid to assert dominance and hone their accuracy in the game. According to the latest development, there would be two multiplayer modes that will be added as of now.

The Division Resurgence PvP, The Division Resurgence
Image via Ubisoft

Conflict Domination and Rogue Agents in the dark zone will be the 2 respective modes that will be included in the game. Conflict Domination will be just like the domination mode present in Call of Duty Mobile where 2 teams of 4 players face off in a closed environment.

They will have to hold certain areas of the map to get points per second of the area held. At the end of the round, the first team to reach 100 points wins the match.

Betray your team by going rogue in the dark zone

Rogue Agents in the Dark Zone will be an interesting addition to the game as it will allow players to even betray their fellow agents in the pack. The Dark Zone is a place of great danger but that can yield great rewards.

It’s a place where contamination levels are way above what we normally see and your stay there should be short if you want to make sure you stay healthy. Players can at any point in the game decide to go rogue and kill other agents to loot their bodies for maximum rewards.

The Division Resurgence PvP, The Division Resurgence
Image via Ubisoft

It will be really interesting to see how these game modes will fit in with the open-world RPG game. Interested fans should follow the developers on their social media handles to make sure they stay updated with any other new features the developers might add to the game.

What are your thoughts on The Division Resurgence getting a new PvP update to its name? Let us know in the comments below!

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