The Division Resurgence reveals new features along with advanced Peek and Fire combat system

The Division Resurgence introduces new features ahead of the live test

The Division Resurgence, Ubisoft’s up-and-coming mobile game has a lot of potentials. With this being the first mobile release in The Division series, fans are eagerly waiting to see how it will compare to the console versions. The live test for the game is scheduled to be on December 8th, but in a recent presentation James Berry, the community developer for The Division Resurgence has revealed a few features of the game including the Peek and Fire combat system.

The Division Resurgence adds many new features to the game

The game would be story-driven, It features a crisis where societies have fallen apart and it’s the task of Division forces to fight to protect what is left. The game features a third-person experience, with a lot many new features added in the game.

The Division Resurgence, Tom clancy The Division, the division resurgence combat system
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One such feature is the Peek and Fire combat system. The Division games offer cover-based strategic gameplay, hence this feature allows players to stay in cover while aiming to shoot. The Division games operate in a high pace and high chaos type of environment because of which players need to be agile. Peek and Fire system offers the agility in the gameplay needed to succeed in The Division Resurgence.

Apart from this, the game offers a fully customizable in-game gamepad. This gives the players the freedom to craft the buttons according to their needs. To top things off, The Division Resurgence would also support a wide range of controllers.

Tom Clancy’s new title also offers different in-game character classes which give the players options to choose their character. Each character brings something different to the team and of which the Co-op experience gets better.

The game will offer full Crafting and Customisation

Crafting always has been a core element of Division games. Since the game would be RPG shooter based, there are multiple options in the game to customize your character. The Division Resurgence lets you meet new players in the open world, hence it also adds a PvP experience to the game.

The Division Resurgence is already out for its live test and it is expected to be available on both Android and iOS platforms when it releases globally. It is also expected that with the launch of The Division Surgence and Rainbow Six Mobile other popular IPs would follow their path to mobile.

What are your thoughts on the peek and fire combat system of The Division Resurgence? Let us know in the comments below!

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