Ubisoft’s Netflix exclusive Mighty Quest Rogue Palace gets a launch for Android and iOS

The second Netflix title from Ubisoft joins the list!

The next release in Netflix and Ubisoft Entertainment‘s three-game partnership will be Mighty Quest Rogue, the first one being Valiant Hearts. Mighty Quest Rogue Palace was to be released by Ubisoft as a Netflix exclusive and is all but set to launch today on the streaming service’s mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.

Mighty Quest Rogue Palace aims to deliver a hack-and-slash dungeon-clearing experience

The main quest of Mighty Quest Rogue Palace is to clear the endless dungeons in a bid to loot the treasures which these dungeons offer. The game is a hack-and-slash action and adventure title that puts you in charge of a band of heroes tasked with freeing the sleeping and nightmare-ridden mind of a king.

Mighty Quest Rogue Palace launch, Mighty Quest Rogue Palace
Image via Ubisoft

Players can go on endless adventurous runs each offering different rewards and risks for players to undertake. The game offers variety in terms of character choice for the players with over 20 characters in the Mighty Quest universe to select from.

Each character brings something different to the game and thus character choice becomes interesting for players before each run. Not just characters, enemies, and monsters have been also designed rather carefully and uniquely by the developers resulting in an engaging combat experience.

Netflix working hard to strengthen its name in the Mobile gaming industry

Mighty Quest Rogue Palace is one of the 40 games Netflix had in their plans to release this year with many more to be released in the up-and-coming future. The popular international streaming platform has been working really hard in order to not just provide quality movies and TV shows, but also mobile games, in a bid to establish itself as an entertainment hub for all kinds of recreational content.

The addition of games such as Mighty Quest Rogue Palace is surely a step in the right direction to accomplish this vision.

What are your thoughts on the Mighty Quest Rogue Palace being all but set to launch? Let us know in the comments below!

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