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UNDECEMBER Act 13 ‘Hira’ update is scheduled to release this August, now open for pre-registration

A new story unfolding in the tourist nation of ‘Hira’ for Act 13!

LINE Games is hosting a pre-registration event for users before the new Act 13 ‘Hira’ update for the hack-and-slash Action RPGUNDECEMBER ‘ is released. Act 13 will be made available in August, the same month that Season 2 debuts.

Users can pre-register for Act 13 ‘Hira’ through the dedicated pre-registration website, where they can also access other content, including a promotional movie that gives an overview of the Act’s new bosses. Pre-registered users will get rewards that they can use after Act 13 ‘Hira’ has been updated.

UNDECEMBER Act 13 Hira update will release with Season 2 and feature two new modes

UNDECEMBER Act 13 Hira update

Beginning with Season 2, UNDECEMBER will feature an “Origin mode” and a “Hardcore mode.” Users will be able to play according to their preferences, challenge themselves with harder challenges, or just relax and have fun casually farming and battling foes. The tourist nation of “Hira,” where the action takes place, will be reached by Rune Hunters as they look for the Zodiac Master. The Season 2 update and the new Act will both be made available following pre-registration at the end of August.

Players can visit the dedicated pre-registration website and pre-register for Act 13 Hira update. If users pre-register, they will receive “Zodiac Walker (7 Days)” and the new pet, “Rune Gauntlet.” Both things can be used following the Act 13 “Hira” update and will be delivered to users’ in-game mailboxes.

UNDECEMBER Gear Enchantments
Image via Line Games

At the end of August, the new Act 13 “Hira” and Season 2 are scheduled to release. The difficulty levels “Hardcore mode” and “Origin mode” will be included. Users who want to play the game in a particularly challenging setting can do so in “hardcore mode.” After dying, the game’s options are limited, and the excitement and stress are quite high.

Users can also play in “Origin mode,” which is a more laid-back setting. It features an ‘Enchant’ feature that has been streamlined, and it has a stronger emphasis on the enjoyment of farming. Users that play in “Hardcore mode” or “Origin mode” can earn a variety of rewards for their efforts in the game.

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