Gaming for Climate Action: UNDP launched Mission 1Point5

The UNDP has launched Mission 1Point5 after Celebrities and youth activists met with UN officials, governments and civil society. Mission 1Point5 is a campaign that aims to bridge the gap between people and governments on ambitious climate action. 

Developed by UNDP, Mission1Point5 is a browser-based video game that specially targets mobile users. It is built alongside experts in game development, climate science and public polling. And in this, players take on the role of climate policymakers.

UNDP launched Mission 1Point5 which aims to give individuals worldwide a chance to share their views on Climate Change. It is aimed towards connecting them with Governments and coverage makers. So, it will also provide them with an opportunity to have their say on ways to limit climate change. The campaign, led by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), hopes to address the disconnect between citizens and governments.

After the game, players are asked to vote on key climate actions they want to see adopted. This data will be analyzed and delivered to governments, who often lack access to reliable information on public opinion on climate action.

According to Achim Steiner (UNDP Administrator),

“Together with partners from across the private and public sectors, we have the ability with this campaign to connect millions of people with their governments in an innovative two-way discussion on solutions to the climate crisis, and increase ambition ahead of the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow later this year.”

About Mission 1point5

UNDP developed Mission 1Point5 and partners as an online platform that educates people on climate action. Most importantly, it also connects them with their governments and policymakers. Therefore, in order to make sure that we limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, it is named Mission 1Point5.

The climate change game – Mission 1.5 is open and available to all people to play and vote on key climate change issues affecting them as individuals, groups or communities.

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