Vainglory All Stars technical beta launched in Brazil for Android

Super Evil Mega Corp, the company behind the popular Vainglory, left the gaming community guessing about their next move when they recently announced starting a new studio named Bazooka Tango. Today the co-founder of Bazooka Tango, Stephan Sherwin aka “CaptainNeato” announced that they have launched Vainglory All Stars technical beta in Brazil on Android only. So if you are in another country and excited about Vainglory All Stars technical beta, don’t worry. They will cover your country very soon.

CaptainNeato also informed that it’s a very early stage build and they are releasing it a little early on. So if there is any issue with the game then don’t panic as it’s a technical beta. Share your feedback via any social media platform and they will streamline the game.

What do we know about Vainglory All Stars till now?

Amidst Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, last month Bazooka Tango announced that the team is working on Vainglory All Stars that is designed for Android and iOS mobile devices. It is also the studio’s first mega project. This takes the beloved characters of the mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title Vainglory. It’s a 3v3 brawler where players will battle it out in a more colorful setting than in its MOBA relative. As stated it’s a mobile multiplayer game that uses the E.V.I.L. game engine created by Super Evil Megacorp. The game has a more cartoon-like, accessible art style.

Vainglory All Stars

Captain Neato also clarified that the Project Spellfire of Super Evil Mega Corp is a completely different game than Vainglory All Stars. As there were lots of questions and confusion related to both. Project Spellfire is a new upcoming project which is set to be released by next year. Although Super Evil Mega Corp started Bazooka Tango, the two teams work independently.

As Vainglory All Stars technical beta has been launched in Brazil only, please check out the trailer to understand the gameplay.

When Vainglory All Stars will be available in my country?

Currently, no date has been announced for the global release of Vainglory All Stars. However, You can sign up here to get a chance to enter exclusive beta and stay updated on all the Vainglory All Stars news. As the game is launched only in Brazil, you’ll get a notification once the game is available in your country.

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