Legends of Runeterra to release globally on April 30

Few weeks ago, when Legends of Runeterra soft-launched in Singapore, who would have known that the global launch date is so close! Finally, Riot Games has confirmed the global release date of Legends of Runeterra for both PC and Mobile devices. LoR is an upcoming free-to-play digital collectible card game based on the League of Legends.

When is the Legends of Runterra release?

The release date of Legends of Runeterra on Mobile and PC has been confirmed as April 30, 2020. However, there’s a chance that some players will get access to Legends of Runeterra on Mobile before April 30.

Once Riot Games releases Patch 1.0 to PC, they’ll begin distributing the mobile client to the Play Store and App Store. Depending on where you live, it may take anywhere from four to 48 hours for gamers to see the app in your store. However, the mobile version of LOR should be fully live in all launch regions by April 30.


The game is played 1v1 with each player having four random cards from their card deck, a 20 health point nexus, and zero mana. Before the match begins, each player also has the option to trade out any of the first four cards they drew for random different ones from their deck.

After the pre-game phase, both players receive a mana gem. While one receives the attack token, the other receives the defense token. The tokens switch and each player draws a random card from their deck. As the number of rounds increase, so does the number of mana gems received, upto a maximum of 10. At the end of each round, any unused mana becomes spell mana, up to a maximum of three which can only be used to cast spell cards. In order to play cards, players must spend mana gems.

Once played, cards may be placed forward once more, to either attack or defend with. When attacking, if not blocked, the card will hit the enemy player’s nexus, dealing damage equal to its power stat. If the attacking card is defended against with a blocking card, the two cards will clash. If the damage received is greater than or equal to the defense stat of the card, it is destroyed. Striking an enemy nexus with a card deals no damage to the attacking card. The objective of the game is to bring the opponent’s nexus to zero health points. Here is a beta early access gameplay video.


In a press release, Riot said it would be adding over 120 new cards to the roster, putting the total at just over 400. A deck of cards must consist of no more than 6 champion cards (allowing for 3 different champions to be present), 2 regions, and 40 cards total. The following are details that are present on each card.

Mana: All cards in the game come with a mana cost. The player must spend the amount of mana listed on the card in order to play the card. The maximum amount of mana a player can start the round with is thirteen (including spell mana).

Regions: The following are possible card regions. A card only contains a single region. When creating a deck, cards can only be added from a maximum of two regions.

  • Demacia
  • Ionia
  • Piltover & Zaun
  • Freljord
  • Noxus
  • Shadow Isles

Types: The following are possible card types. A card only contains a single type.

  • Unit
  • Spell
  • Ability

Rarities: The following are possible card rarities. A card only contains a single rarity. The higher the rarity, the more value a card has.

  • Champion
  • Epic
  • Rare
  • Common

Minimum specs required to run Legends of Runeterra on mobile

For iOS devices

  • iOS9
  • Arm64 processor
  • Riot doesn’t recommend 1GB RAM devices, such as the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPad Air 1. LoR is available for download on these devices but you may experience poor performance or interruptions when playing.

For Android devices

  • OS 5.0
  • 2 GB RAM
  • GPU Adreno 306 and equivalents or better

So are you excited about the Legends of Runeterra Global release? Do let us know in the comments below!

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