Valorant Mobile Version: Is Riot Games working on it?

Valorant, which was previously known as Project A, was recently revealed to be the new shooter that Riot Games has been working on. Valorant was announced at the 10th Anniversary of the Riot Games‘. Along with numerous upcoming projects such as Legends of Runeterra and League of Legends Wild Rift to name a few. The first-person shooter reached the world record for the maximum concurrent viewer count on Twitch in only a few hours of its closed beta release. As the Valorant closed beta is very active, and with so many people playing, bugs will naturally be found. One such bug may have leaked the future plans of Valorant mobile version.

How did the news of Valorant mobile version hit the internet?

Reddit user u/Spacixr posted that he plays Valorant on Laptop in tablet mode. Some days back, when he loaded it up, the screen was filled with all the tablet mode controls. The game really worked when he used these touch controls and loaded onto the practice map.

Valorant mobile version in the works? (Photo via Reddit)

The post became viral and it is being shared widely by the community. It received much positive feedback on social media as fans became happy at the possibility of a mobile version for the competitive shooter.

Last week, data miner FireMonkey also leaked the same icons. After combining both the leaks and a fact that Riot Games’ top competitors have similar mobile versions, like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile we can say that even if Valorant is scheduled to officially launch on PC, there might be a chance that Riot is trying to explore the possibility of launching it on mobile as well.

Should Riot Games launch Valorent mobile version? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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