Viggify is aiming for revolution in the field of Esports within the SEA region

A new change in the Indian esports scene is here on March 18th, 2021!

Founded by a community of like-minded individuals, Viggify is a coaching platform created to help, support, and inspire those who want to follow their passion for gaming and turn it into a career in esports! It was set up with the sole idea of creating a platform for all types of gamers to learn while making a community of like-minded people.

Viggify was created with the main aim of encouraging gamers and providing them a platform to learn. Moreover, they also want students to gain guidance from industry professionals. Furthermore, they can use that to follow their passion and make it their career choice. They aim to encourage others to explore this avenue and help contribute to increasing the esports industry.

Viggify aims to redefine the gaming industry around the world

The coaching platform Viggify is actively redefining the gaming industry. Their mission is to give one lesson at a time and empower and encourage a million people to take up gaming as a career. Viggify is the first of its type in South-east Asia, and it hopes to be the catalyst for a change. This change will be in perception and a change in mindset. They want to inspire those who truly have a passion and a dream to make this their future.

Viggify esports
Viggify is the first of its type in South-east Asia

The Gurus or the Teachers in Viggify aims to inspire and pass their skills to students across the globe. They are some of the industry leaders and aim to instill a mindset of working hard within the students and pass on the knowledge and skills they have gained to the new wave of gamers. Our sessions cover a variety of topics and games, allowing us to achieve our ultimate goal.

Viggify wants to give access to the world of esports to everyone in the SEA region, make it a viable career choice for everyone who don’t want to focus on only gaming. The eSports industry is a big and vast one with many different career opportunities and we want to bring this into light. From gaming to streaming or even shoutcasting, we offer coaching sessions for all of these!

Why should you choose Viggify to start your career in gaming?

Here are the factors that will propel Viggify as your first choice for starting a career in gaming:

  • Get mentored by the best in the game
  • Experience the grind of a pro
  • Engage in 1 on 1 interactive session
  • Compete in Viggify tournaments and be a part of the learning community

For more information, head over to Viggify official website.

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