Vikings: Valhalla, a new strategy game is now available on Netflix

Vikings: Valhalla, a real-time strategy game based on MGM Television’s popular series Vikings: Valhalla, is now available on Netflix from game developers Emerald City Games and Tilting Point, a top global publisher of free-to-play games.

With no commercials or additional costs, Netflix subscribers can now access Vikings: Valhalla through the Netflix mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Following the culinary adventure SpongeBob: Get Cooking and Narcos: Cartel Warfare Unlimited, this is the third Tilting Point game to be released on Netflix.

Lead your Viking clans and build settlements in the strategy game, Vikings: Valhalla

Players in Vikings: Valhalla assume the character of an ambitious jarl, a Scandinavian noble rank, who is out for vengeance on those who killed their father and took their families’ land. Players will assume control of ferocious Viking clans, establish strongholds, engage in combat, and grow their power over the continent.

Netflix Games List, Vikings: Valhalla available
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Characters from the popular Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla, such as Harald Hardrada, Freydis Eriksdotter, and Leif Erickson, are playable in Vikings: Valhalla. Vikings: Valhalla comes with an array of gameplay mechanics, including:

  • Raids – Lead warbands on raids against other player settlements for resources and glory; players will need to defend their own settlement against enemy attacks, however. 
  • Campaign Progression – Participate in campaign battles to progress through an original story.
  • A Thriving Settlement – Players will develop their settlement, gather warriors and townsfolk and call upon the favor of the gods for aid in battle. 
  • Bonuses and Alliances – Leverage settlement bonuses provided by townsfolk, forge an alliance with other players and engage in trade.
  • In-Game Upgrades – Players will build various facilities on their settlement, unlock siege weapons and military tactics, and upgrade longships to expand reach on the battle map. 

The wide-ranging portfolio of Tilting Point keeps expanding to now include subscription services for PC, console, and mobile devices. The production of Vikings: Valhalla was made possible by MGM and Tilting Point’s prior collaboration and their success in adapting the well-known sci-fi series Stargate SG-1 to the popular mobile game ASTROKINGS in 2021.

Tilting Point keeps adding additional platforms, growing each game’s worldwide player base and commercial success while presenting fans’ favorite IPs in fresh, exciting ways. Previously, Tilting Point and Emerald City Games worked together on the RPG Star Trek: Legends for the Apple Arcade. Lionheart: Black Moon and Tomb Raider: Reloaded are two other popular games by Emerald City Games.

Are you excited about the release of Vikings: Valhalla on Netflix? Let us know in the comment section below!

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