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War of GAMA is set to release globally this April 2023

The first MMORPG mobile game with built-in offline idle!

War of GAMA, the first mobile MMORPG with built-in offline idle, is scheduled to release globally in April. The game is introducing a new battle mode and subverting traditional gameplay.

War of GAMA brings classic gameplay of intense combat and killing with exciting features

“War of GAMA,” the first MMORPG mobile game with offline idle, offers traditional gameplay of bloody fighting and killing. It also includes cutting-edge features that make it simple to train with just one hand and enable players to level up and engage in combat automatically through offline placement.

The game features a unique “Curse” system that boosts the abilities of summoned spirits, equipment, and weapons by adding three randomly chosen values of rare quality, elevating character fighting prowess. Additionally, dual-platform reservations are being made right now.

The game is offline idle with easier leveling up and high drop rate    

War of GAMA carries over traditional gameplay elements like thrilling killings and intense fights. The built-in 6–12 hours of offline idle, in contrast to the typical grind for leveling up, addresses the issue of needing to be online for 24 hours for training. Even while they are sleeping, players can readily acquire experience points and gear.

 level up
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The game can be played with one hand to make it easier for participants who have trouble controlling themselves. A smooth and enjoyable gaming experience is made possible for players by the game’s increased likelihood of receiving high-level (red) Morph cards, summoning spirits, and equipment as well as by its 150%–200% higher ratio of diamond recharge.

The Curse Morph card system in War of Gama has 3-5 additional random bonus attributes

The game possesses a powerful Morph card system that not only alters look but also speeds up attacks and significantly boosts combat power. The game greatly increases the likelihood of getting uncommon blue cards and red cards of hero quality through the card drawing system, making it simpler for players to acquire cards to boost combat power.

Additionally, cards can be enchanted to become Curse morph cards, which increase their combat effectiveness by adding 3-5 random extra attributes. Curse Morph cards can also be bought or sold by users through trading, which raises their worth. By buying gift packages, participating in daily card draws, or obtaining cards through the in-game store’s card drawing system, players can enjoy the charm of transformation.

Curse Morph Crad
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White (common) and green (rare) quality Morph cards are available in the game, along with the highly sought-after distinctive blue, epic-quality red, and legend purple cards. The four categories of Morph cards—melee, ranged, spell, and versatile—are determined by the occupation and type of weapon used, and the corresponding weapons must be equipped for each type of attack and battle. Players can simultaneously have a unique look and a more enjoyable combat experience thanks to this.

Morph card system allows unlimited transformations, boosting attack speed and combat power

War of Gama Release
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Other than the transformation cards, one aspect of “War of GAMA” that players adore is summoning spirits. Additionally, the game has boosted the rate at which blue and red quality summoning spirits are acquired, making it simpler for players to acquire potent combat allies. Players can also change the summoning spirits into Curse summoning spirits using the Curse feature. This solves the problem of players not being able to obtain desired Morph cards or summoning spirits. It increases the value of these items while also providing more attribute bonuses and tradeable features.

War of Gama Release
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Despite not taking part in fights directly, summoning spirits can still be a player’s most effective ally. Although they are not constrained by occupation or type, there are profession-based bonuses that players can select by their profession. These bonuses allow players to call upon the most devoted and potent summoning spirits to fight alongside them, enhancing experience point bonuses and making leveling up much simpler.

Make your own equipment and feel the enhance in combat gameplay

Powerful tools and items can frequently render players invincible in combat in War of GAMA. The game’s equipment system has undergone major improvements. Players crave for equipment of blue (unique), red (epic), purple (legendary), and gold (Immortal) quality in addition to the normal white (common) and green (rare) qualities.

Higher-tier equipment is frequently hard to acquire in other games. But War of GAMA development team changed how higher-tier equipment is acquired by increasing the blue and red equipment drop rates after defeating monsters and enabling players to acquire them directly by finishing daily NPC tasks. Additionally, the crafting system enables players to easily acquire materials and scroll through a variety of means. It can also be used to create equipment and other things.

War of Gama Release
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Dungeons also contain strong weapons, gear, and crafting supplies of purple and gold grade for each class. The division of crafting outcomes into effective and great success enables players to acquire high-caliber gear without getting discouraged. The combat effectiveness of weaponry and equipment can also be increased by the enhanced system. Additional attributes become available when the enhanced level hits a certain point, giving players even greater invincibility in the game.

War of Gama is hosting various pre-release events on its official fan group

pre-heating event
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The official fan group is also hosting several pre-launch events to celebrate the impending release of “War of GAMA.” Players can earn rewards to use on the live server by trading in the uncommon treasures they’ve collected on the pre-launch server. New systems will be presented and modified on the pre-launch server before being made available on the official server. The pre-launch server is still available for users to use while they wait for the official server to go live.

Pre-registration for War of GAMA is now open on Android and iOS. Players can follow the official community for more information about the game. Do not miss out on the surprises and benefits brought by the fan group for the release!

Are you excited as War of Gama is set for a global release in April? Let us know in the comment section below!

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