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War of GAMA Beginners Guide and Tips

Grasp your weapons, tighten your nerves, accept battle after battle, and be ready to kill at any time!

War of GAMA is one of the newest games in the RPG world which is available on Android and iOS devices. The game has plenty of in-game features and an outstanding concept with great graphics as well. The game follows up with the typical RPG storyline with which most of the players are familiar. War of GAMA is mainly about 3 main characters who are considered the best characters indeed with unique battle sense and powers. The game is a server-based game and thus players can compete against others in the same server while playing at the same time. Thus, let us jump into a detailed War of GAMA beginners guide so that players can easily win the game and embrace themselves.

Gameplay Overview

War of GAMA follows up the basic gameplay mechanics that are being followed by most RPG or Gacha games. The game, at first, offers three characters to the players so that they can continue into the storyline with them. These characters are; Knight, Mage, and Archer. Players must choose the character as per their desire, need, and interest so that they can easily get through the game and defeat the enemies.

War of GAMA Beginners Guide
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With the characters, players need to follow up the main storyline missions and provide some important resources to the characters so that the Combat Power, i.e; CP can be increased, and thus the character will become stronger and evolve faster. Players get access to many in-game interesting features after reaching a certain level. The game also has many in-game resources and other aspects that make the concept more interesting and fun to play for them.

Introducing the Basics of War of GAMA


Inventory is the place where players can check out all the items such as Potions, wood logs, metal, crystals, and rarer currencies that they own.

Inventory War of GAMA Beginners Guide
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Players can even utilize them from there and can also make some of the important items such as a few potions and gears be equipped just like a small bag. This helps the players to directly use them while their character is in between fights.


Skill War of GAMA Beginners Guide
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The Skill section shows up all the skill sets used by the character. Players can check out all the skills and can unlock them after completing certain objectives and reaching a certain level. Players can even make certain skills active by equipping them with weapons and potions.


Quest is the sole location where players can get access to all the objectives and missions, whether storyline, miscellaneous, or achievements, players can complete those assigned tasks and win resources and rewards that will help them to upgrade and enhance certain aspects of the game that will make their character stronger.


Crafting is the section where players can easily craft some of the important items such as weapons, armor, accessories, skill books, and chests, players need to gather the required set of raw materials, and then they can easily craft those items without any hesitation. The process of crafting involves very easy steps:

Crafting War of GAMA Beginners Guide
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  • Tap on the Menu icon present at the right bottom corner of the game screen.
  • Search for the Crafting section and tap on it.
  • Select the item you want to craft and checkout for the availability of the raw materials.
  • After doing so, tap on that particular item and tap on the Craft option present at the bottom of the screen.

Thus, after this players will receive the crafted item in their inventory and use it further in-game.


Morph is the location where players can change the avatar of their characters into certain other beings. Players need to unlock them with the help of chests and scrolls and just after that, they can easily get to use them and change the appearance of their character.


Spirit War of GAMA Beginners Guide
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Spirits are the Companions who summon during big fights. This provides the best set of backups while in between fights. Players need to summon these Spirits with the help of Scrolls and then select them to utilize them at their best. The Spirits are being ranked as:

  • Legend
  • Epic
  • Unique
  • Rare


Codexes are the section where players need to collect a certain costume or armor and thus by this, they can register them into the character. This will help them complete certain objectives and missions at the same time they will make the DEF stats of the character much stronger than before.


Dungeons are the section where players can fight against different powerful villains, this will help the players to collect more rewards, resources, and potions that will help them to enhance their character itself.

Mastering the in-game Characters

The game comes up with three main characters with whom players have to move into their auspicious journey in the world of GAMA. these characters are:

1. Knight

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Knights are mainly known for their insane combat skills and so is he as well. The character has immense power along with the best set of combat skills. His Ranged Damage is also marvelous and has a great combination of HP and MP. the only issue is with the Magic Damage, as the character cannot deal much in front of the magicians and thus lacks behind a bit.

2. Mage

Image via gamamobi

Mages are the best Magician indeed and so does he. This character has the best ability to control all the earth’s elemental powers and has a great sense of magical skill sets that thrashes away enemies in just a few seconds. This character plays well from mid-range and lacks a lot of Melee Damage. He also has less HP but more MP compared to other characters.

3. Archer

Image via gamamobi

Archers are the sole supporter of the team. They can play their roles at their best from far behind. This character is hence the best one in Ranged Attacks and also climbs the ranking in MP and Magic Damage as well. Just like Mage, the Archer also lacks Melee Attacks, and in HP that sets a huge drawback for the players.

Understanding the in-game Currency and Resources

War of GAMA has tons of resources and in-game currencies that are thus utilized by the players in various ways. But we will check for the most important resources and currencies that are mostly seen to be used.

  • Gold: Gold is one of the most widely available in-game currencies. Players mainly use Gold in Enhancing weapons or crafting a few itineraries that are in need. Gold has very basic usage and players can easily get to access it by completing objectives and missions.
  • EXP Potion: This potion is widely used in battles against strong opponents. This potion helps to increase the EXP of the character by 10% for the next 1800 seconds.
  • Haste Potion: The Haste Potion helps to increase the ATK speed, Movement speed, and Cast speed by 25% respectively. This potion continues working for straight 300 seconds after it is used.
  • Health Potion: The Health Potion is used in between battles to restore the Health Points; i.e, the HP of the character so that he/she does not lose against opponents.
  • Honor Coins: These coins are one of the essential and a bit rarer in-game currencies compared to Gold. With the help of these coins, players can exchange goods in the blood pledge and the regular store.
  • Crystal: Players mainly use this resource to craft new itineraries from the Crafting section.

The game also has several sets of scrolls that help them to summon some of the Spirits. This we will be discussing later in the piece.

War of GAMA Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing a lot into the game, here are the best tips for beginners that will help them reach heights in War of GAMA.

  1. Select the best character that will suit your gameplay style. Every individual loves to play games in a unique way to their own taste. As this is an RPG game, the gameplay needs that comfort level while the player is continuing the interesting journey with a single character. Thus, players must always choose the best character that suits them and then go for playing it.
  2. Summon Spirits as much as possible. This will help the players to set up a great backup and also the Spirit Pattern will enhance the skill sets of the spirits which will help a lot in between fights.
  3. Complete missions and objectives that will help the players to get more resources and rewards. Also, claim daily login rewards so that players can get fascinating items that will help them upgrade the important itineraries in-game.
  4. Players must keep on the AFK mode, this will let the character keep fighting against the enemy troops present nearby which will help the players to enhance their characters without any hard work.
  5. Upgrade the weapons and armor on a regular basis. This is one of the most important things to do as this will help the character to build a strong layer of protection and thus will also help to increase the DEF stats as well.


War of GAMA is an interesting RPG game that recently launched. The game has come up with various unique sets of features and other game modes that make the gameplay experience much more vibrant. The in-game graphics are just outstanding and thus keep the energy inside the players. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this War of GAMA beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for the War of GAMA Beginners Guide! Did you find our War of GAMA beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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