Warpath: Jean Claud Van Damme to feature in the latest Air Force update

No retreat and no surrender

Lilith Games made an announcement of signing up the Hollywood action legend Jean Claud Van Damme as the front-line support for its latest Warpath Air Force expansion update. Warpath has already seen commanders battle it out on the ground across Europe in intense RTS battles. The time has now come to open up a new front in the air as the skies above Warpath play host to a new army of advanced aerial units poised to deliver intense air-to-air combat and precision airstrikes.

Warpath Air Force update: Van Damme will add some high caliber action

Van Damme, star of countless action movies, swaps the red carpet for a grey runway as he leads Warpath into its latest incarnation high in the skies. The world-renowned actor brings his years of experience fighting bad guys on the screen to star in an upcoming action-packed commercial promoting the Warpath Air Force update, and making sure generals are prepared for the fight ahead. 

Warpath Air Force update will have a lot of firepower

Packing more firepower than ever before, the Air Force update gives players over 40 new air units to collect, upgrade and deploy, bringing the total number of units in-game to over 200. This update sees the legendary American P-51 Mustang swooping over the battlefield, giving commanders an adaptable fighter-bomber to suit a multitude of tactics. Flying alongside the P-51 will be the iconic British Avro Lancaster bomber, its huge bomb bays loaded and awaiting orders.

The addition of airborne units transforms the battlefield, giving commanders access to a range of new strategic options not yet seen in Warpath.  However they choose to engage the enemy, players can secure the services of flying aces Jean Dufort and Doris Morgenstern. These Commanders offer powerful buffs to the planes they lead into battle for the players that fight alongside them.

  • Over 40 new air units to unlock, including heavy bombers and agile fighters
  • Recruit aerial aces Jean Dufort and Doris Morgenstern as Officers
  • Advanced tactical options open up with aerial combat added to ground warfare
  • New base-building features keep forces in fighting shape as upgrades bring more power

Are you guys excited about the Air Force update of Warpath featuring Jean Claud Van Damme? Do let us know in the comments below!

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