Wemade highlights key elements for Blockchain Gaming at Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2023

The company demonstrates how to transform traditional games into successful blockchain games!

The four essential elements to effectively converting conventional games into top-notch blockchain games through its WEMIX PLAY platform were revealed by Wemade, a leading international developer of online and mobile games at GDC 2023 (booth S527) in San Francisco, March 20–24.

Wemade showcases how to transform traditional games into successful blockchain games at GDC 2023

Global game and blockchain companies had the chance to speak with the Wemade team at the booth, which had the theme “Life is Game: Blockchain Transformation,” and learn more about the platform’s “Four Module System,” which integrates Tokenomics, GameFi, Marketplace, and Community into games regardless of genre or platform.

Wemade GDC 2023
Image via Wemade

WEMIX PLAY, the biggest blockchain gaming platform in the world serving millions of players worldwide, removes the element of surprise from the onboarding process. It paves the way for the future of gaming and freeing developers to concentrate solely on making great games.

  • Tokenomics: To establish a connection between the in-game and the real-world economies, it is essential to fully comprehend and honestly consider the design of the game. It is imperative to design the ideal tokenomics. It represents the game’s potential for the global blockchain gaming community and will have a positive influence on players’ gaming experiences.
  • GameFi: It enables gamers to invest their gaming earnings to participate in a safe and profitable economic activity. For a better user experience, they can sell, invest, stake, and borrow tokens.
  • Marketplace: NFTs can be used by blockchain games to let players convert the resources, items, and even characters they have in-game into tradeable goods in the blockchain gaming environment.
  • Community: The future of community development will be based on the ability of Players, Developers, Investors, and even Content Creators to unite around a single topic: game tokens. Numerous communities centered on blockchain games can be found on WEMIX PLAY, which aims to reimagine society’s future environment.

Henry Chang, the CEO of Wemade, delivered a keynote address on “The Future of Gaming: Inter-Game Play and Beyond” on March 21. He discussed how inter-game play and economics are unified by blockchain technology and their effect on the future of games.

Wemade addressed the public about WEMIX PLAY in three extensive sessions

The company devoted three sessions to WEMIX PLAY for the general public. It covered the process of using WEMIX PLAY and its advantages, the knowledge of servicing blockchain games, and the lessons learned from launching 25+ Web3 games in the previous year. With a detailed explanation of each step in the transformation process and its advantages, attendees had the chance to learn how this change has the potential to revolutionize players’ experiences.

Wemade GDC 2023
Image via Wemade

Myrtle Sarrosa, a well-known influencer, actress, and gamer who was the first creator to launch Fan Token MYRTLE on WEMIX PLAY, moderated a session on the new tokenomics system. Fans and creators were able to interact and develop together, moving away from the traditional linear fan-creator engagement experience and toward a dynamic economy powered by group effort. Through various events and campaigns, fans and creators collaborate to increase the token’s worth while also broadening its use cases and utility.

Wemade, along with AWS, Epic Games, Google, and Meta, was a Diamond sponsor at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2023.

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