Wild Rift A Month of Ruin Event: Luciana, Senna and Akshan to join the other Sentinels of Light

Fight against the Ruination!

With the release of the Sentinel couple Senna and Lucian, a new event complementing them has been surfaced. A Month of Ruin Event will start on the 9th of July, 2021 in Wild Rift. As the name suggests, it will stay for a whole month till the 10th of August. The players have the opportunity to join the Sentinels in their goal to stop the Black Mist and earn lots of rewards like special event icons, emotes, baubles, skin poses and spawn tags.


As the event will progress, more champions will join the Sentinels and their cause. While familiar faces will get new Sentinel of Light-based skins a completely new champion called Akshan will surface on the Wild Rift to help defeat the Ruination as well.

ChampionDate Unlocked (UTC)
SennaEvent Start
LucianEvent Start

Wild Rift A Month of Ruin Event: Sentinel Bond & Rewards

On the release of a Sentinel, one will build up a ‘Bond‘ with them. This is based on its level, which will provide the player with different types of rewards. Each level requires a total amount of XP required.

Sentinel LevelTotal XP RequiredRewards
150Sentinel Bond I
150 Blue Motes
2150250 Blue Motes
3350Sentinel Bond II
350 Blue Motes
4650150 Poro Energy
5950Sentinel Bond III
Champion Emote
Lucian – Looking Good, Feeling Good
Senna – My Hero
Vayne – All According to Plan
Riven – *Snrk!*
Irelia – Victory Secured!
Akshan – Magnifique!
150 Poro Energy
Bonus1250500 Poro Energy

It is to be noted that the Bonus level will not count towards the HQ level.

Different emotes

Emotes of Senna, Luciana, Akshan, Vayne, Irelia, Riven will be released in A Month of Ruin event

The Bond with the Sentinel will start immediately once they join the Light. The player will unlock bond dialogues and other rewards after earning enough XP for a higher level. Some Sentinels will cap at level 3 at some point. This will not stop the earning of the XP, though. It will continue and get stored in the background until the story will evolve further thus unlocking the other levels.

Bond Dialogue

The Ruination has the power to corrupt even the strongest of Runeterra’s champions. Raising the Sentinel Bond will grant one access to some of the real intentions of the Sentinels in joining the forces. The bond will strengthen through more Sentinel XP and Sentinel Levels.  Win or lose, every game does count as an opportunity to build a relationship with every Sentinel.

For each unlocked Sentinel Level, the corresponding orb for that Sentinel will glow. Tapping on the orb will start the Bond Dialogue of mentioned Sentinel. These dialogues will always start chronologically so there is no harm in unlocking multiple Bonds earlier.

Sentinel XP: Achieve goals

You can earn Sentinel XP by achieving certain goals.

LucianGain 2 XP for every enemy structure destroyed.
Gain an additional 2 XP for every structure you helped destroy.
SennaGain 2 XP for every ward placed.
Gain 3 XP for every ward destroyed.
VayneGain 1 XP per takedown.
Gain 3 XP for getting a takedown on 5 unique champions in a single game.
RivenGain 5 XP for each epic monster slain by your team.
Gain 10 XP if at least 3 epic monsters are slain in a match.
IreliaGain 2 XP for every 3.000 damage dealt with enemy champions.
Gain 10 XP for participating in first blood.
AkshanGain 16 XP per game.
Gain an additional 3 XP for every Sentinel champion on your team.
Gain an additional 5 XP for playing in a premade team.

Wild Rift A Month of Ruin Event: HQ Rewards

The HQ level is the compilation of all the Sentinel Levels which has been piled up thus far. The higher the level amount is, the higher the rewards will be. An important remark is that the Bonus level will not be considered at your HQ level.

Required HQ levelReward
1Light in the Dark icon
3200 Blue Motes
6For Better or Worse bauble
9400 Blue Motes
Sentinels of Light Spawn Tag I (Usable until the event ends)
13Fighting the Good Fight bauble
16400 Blue Motes
20Sentinel of the Light Champion Selection Chest (1 of 6)
Sentinels of Light Spawn Tag II
22100 Poro Coins
24Sentinels of Light Pose Selection Chest
26Sentinel Portal icon border
28100 Poro Coins
30Sentinel Master icon
Sentinel of Light Spawn Tag III (Usable until 1 week after the event ends)


Wild Rift Month of Ruin Event
Light in the Dark icon
Wild Rift Month of Ruin Event
For Better or Worse bauble
Wild Rift Month of Ruin Event
Fighting the Good Fight
Wild Rift Month of Ruin Event
Sentinel Portal icon
Wild Rift Month of Ruin Event
Sentinel Master icon

Spawn Tags

Reaching different HQ levels will grant the opportunity to equip and show off how invested you are in fighting against the Black Mist.

HQ Level 9

HQ Level 20

HQ Level 30

Wild Rift A Month of Ruin Event: Comic and Conversations

While defeating the Ruination, many familiar champions will join the Sentinels. It is on the player to find out how their stories will evolve by unlocking conversations through raising your HQ level. Whenever a new conversation is available, a chat bubble will appear above the Sentinel. But one must be aware that once a conversation is opened, one cannot repeat it again.

Additionally, there will be a comic about the whole event with illustrations and more insight into the lore. The comic will be available to every player after some time, regardless of their event progresses.

Charity Initiative

Riot Games has taken the opportunity of the event to start their latest social impact campaign, The Sentinels Initiative will support any cause and/or nonprofit by funding them through their Social Impact Fund. The players have a chance by nominating their cause or nonprofit to win a $10,000 grant from Riot Games.

A nice to be added is that for every HQ Level a player earns, Riot will increase their Charity Drive Pool by one point. Currently, they are standing on $1,000,000.

What are your thoughts on Wild Rift A Month of Ruin Event? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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