Wild Rift Sentinels of Light event leaks: New Champion, New skin line, and more

Exciting things are lined up!

Riots had a strong theme throughout this whole year – The Invasion of the Ruined King. The Ruined King, known as Viego, came to “ruin” all Runeterra. The whole League team has been hyping up the so-called “Ruination” by extending the main lore story and through various teasers and skins. And now it seems like Riot is preparing for the peak moment as the leaks suggest Sentinels of Light event might be arriving on League of Legends Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Sentinels of Light event leaks

As of today, Riot had an event page called “Sentinel of Lights” on their main League page which was some sort of Riddle game. Upon completing this an official picture was shown. As you can see it is Viego and his army on the left side and on the opposite side the “Sentinel of Lights” is breaking through the black fog.

Besides well known champions like Senna and Lucian, who are getting released in July on Wild Rift’ there are some familiar faces in different shapes and one complete new person.

New Champion

Through various leaks in the past, the new person on the poster can be identified with the upcoming new mid lane champion on the Rift, Akshan. The champions with a new style are Vayne and Garen who look to be a part of the Sentinels of Light now.

What also is special about the image is the depiction of all Riot game’s logo on the bottom side. Which heavily indicates that there will be a Crossover moment on all League of Legends media’s. That alines with the upcoming patch release on Wild Rift, featuring Senna and Lucian and previous leaks.

New Skinline

Wild Rift Vayne, Wild Rift Sentinel of Light event
Wild Rift Vayne as Sentinel of Light

Besides all of this, the official League of Legends Twitter account posted some skin pictures which all have the theme of the “Sentinels of Lights” with one Champion getting both Sentinels and Ruination skins as prestige edition.

Wild Rift Riven, Wild Rift Sentinel of Light event
Wild Rift Riven as Sentinel of Light

What is interesting is that old Wild Rift leaks showed upcoming emotes with Vayne, Irelia, and Riven wearing the new “ Sentinel of Lights” skinline. This could mean that the things Wild Rift is getting through this Crossover are those 3 skins.

Wild Rift Irelia, Wild Rift Sentinel of Light event
Wild Rift Irelia as Sentinel of Light

For now we can only wait till July to see how the Ruination will effect Runeterra and if the Sentinels of Light will be successful in fighting the Ruined King.

What are your thoughts on this Crossover Event? Let us know in the comments section below!

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