Wild Rift: Leaks reveal the arrival of three new champions in January 2024

Quinn, Rumble, and Nidalee may be the three upcoming heroes

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) based on the popular PC game League of Legends. Recently, some datamine leaks have surfaced on the internet that three new champions are going to be introduced in Wild Rift. A few dataminers have discovered new voice-overs in the game files, hinting at a possible release of three new champions. Riot Games, though, didn’t officially confirm anything regarding the leaks. But, the game files and other leaks make it quite evident that three new champions are going to be introduced in Wild Rift, sooner or later, which might be in January 2024 as well.

Wild Rift: Three new champions to be released with Patch 5.0 Update in January 2024

The leak regarding the release of the new champions came up in a video posted by ChowZ. According to the voiceovers on the files, the three new champions of Wild Rift may be Quinn, Rumble, and Nidalee. The voiceovers that have been revealed are taken from the hero introduction/hero selection screen. Let’s take a closer look at the leaked champions.

1. Quinn

League of Legends Wild Rift Quinn, Wild Rift champions January 2024 Quinn
Image via Riot Games

This champion is preferred on Dragon Lane and has decent mobility while fighting. She can be played in other roles, such as a Jungler and Top Laner. Famous in its marksman or Assassin role, the champion is one of the leaked champions to be introduced in the game.

2. Rumble

Wild Rift champions January 2024, Wild Rift upcoming leaked hero Rumble
Image via Riot Games

Rumble is an existing hero in the game’s PC version, where he’s used in Baron Lane or the Jungle. In his role, as a fighter, the build with his items, runes, spells, and skills can make him a fierce one. He has a wide range of effective damage and crowd control (CC).

3. Nidalee

Wild Rift champions January 2024, Wild Rift Nidalee
Image via Riot Games

Commonly played in the Jungle, this champion has good mobility and deals magic damages to the opponents. This assassin champion is a bit hard to play and is named the “Bestial Huntress”.

The arrival of three new champions in Wild Rift is yet to be confirmed by Riot Games

The arrival of these new heroes in Wild Rift has not been confirmed in an official announcement from Riot Games. The last hero that the game introduced was Fiddlesticks, which was released on the 25th of October, 2023.

The upcoming patch may introduce these three new heroes of Wild Rift. The upcoming patch note for Wild Rift will be 5.0 which is scheduled to release on the 18th of January, 2024. So, keep an eye on the announcement from Riot regarding what may come into the game.

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