10 Wild Rift Pro tips and tricks to take your gameplay to the next level

Road to be a Pro Wild Rift Player!

We all look up to the flashy plays and high win rates of the professionals of League of Legends: Wild Rift. But how do they achieve it? Here is a list of 10 tips from pro players in Wild Rift. These tips ought to make you a better Wild Rift player, winning more games and putting in terrific performances. Additionally, we also have previously discussed how to master playing with LoL Wild Rift heroes like AmumuMaster Yi, JinxBraumDr. Mundo, AkaliYasuo, Singed,  JaxDariusAshe,
LuluMiss FortuneBlitzcrank, TeemoXayah and Rakan. So, Without further ado, let’s get started.

Top 10 Wild Rift Pro Tips

Whenever you are stuck in Elo hell, no matter if it is Silver, Gold, Platinum or Emerald, One must make sure they are playing to full potential by following these strategies from high ranked players:

1. Learn the art of wave management

The most crucial difference between Emerald+ players and Platinum and below players is the art of managing the minion wave. You will see solo laners (both Baron and Mid laners) let their opponents push the minion wave and then the pros freeze it under their tower to make the opponent easy to gank for their jungler. You will see players unfreezing the wave by aggressively shoving waves. 

2. Understand the power spikes of your team and the opponents

All pros know the power spikes of their champions as well as the enemy champions. Be it level spikes, or item spikes. You will see pros look at the scoreboard frequently to assess enemy items and levels, and their power against them.

3. Learn when to do base recall

Have you ever thought about how to efficiently recall to base? The professionals have. Some pointers to make the most of the recalls:

wild rift pro tips
Flow Chart: How to do base recall?

4. Understand the objective management/vision control

Warding Dragon/Baron/Herald, everyone does that.

  1. Do you ward your jungle to prevent invades?
  2. Have you warded the river bushes?
  3. Do you ward the enemy jungle to set up invades?
wild rift pro tips
Wild Rift Pro Tips: When to focus your wards?

The best advice will be to focus on river bushes for lower-ranked players and jungle wards for higher-ranked players. With more vision you have, you can make the better-informed choices you can make when going for those team fights or skirmishes. Here is a guideline on when to focus your wards:

5. Snowballing, keeping a lead, and closing the game as early as possible is very important

We all have games that seem impossible to lose, but in the end, we lose them. How does that happen? Overextending, letting the enemy out farm you or simply not finishing the game quickly can cause this to happen.

What do pros do better?

They focus on objectives and pressure the enemy to defend while they are still weak. They don’t leave space for catching up and don’t allow themselves to be picked off.

6. Understand the importance of Splitpushing vs Teamfight

Winning the game isn’t left to 5v5 fights. Splitpushing is crucial in higher elo. Whenever a pro sees a team fight on the other side of the map and can see all 5 enemies, instead of making their way there late, they instead push the side-lane as far as possible, threatening to take the towers.  This is very important because it may make the enemies back and give the team gold as well as punishing the team fight. An inhibitor tower taken can nullify the setbacks of a lost team fight

7. Learn when and how to counter pick the enemies

Pros know how to punish overpowered game-dominating picks with counters. Have you ever been counterpicked in your game and feel like you can’t play to your champion’s strengths? That’s what you need to start doing in your games to win more games. But be wary of this tactic, you need to know how to play the champions you pick well as well, or you won’t be successful in countering the enemy.

Here are some of our favourite counters to pick:

  • Olaf into Amumu
  • Vayne into Nasus
  • Yasuo into Ahri
  • Fizz into Zed
  • Lee Sin into Akali

8. Master the art of jungling

Buff management for junglers and the timing of jungle clear is very important for junglers to time their ganks and stay ahead of power spikes of enemies. This also helps with the calculating time between objectives like Dragon and Rift Herald spawns. To improve at this, think about how you clear your jungle camps and how long it takes you, especially in the early game. Try to have that number in your mind when deciding what to clear between objectives.

9. Patience is important for perfect timing

Lower ranked players are really impatient to make plays that lead them to overextending. Be patient, you don’t need to be constantly making plays. If you aren’t dying and are farming better than your lane opponent is going to be enough to win you most games. Wait for your jungler and a number-advantage to let your skill shine. Do not take disadvantageous fights just to make something happen.

10. Learn the 5-second rule

Probably the tip that earned me personally the most elo. It is pretty simple. If you want to chase an enemy to kill them, think if you can catch them in the next 5 seconds if you don’t have the ability to catch up to them, leave them to retreat and don’t lose your time and potentially die to the enemies. Take into account if you have an escape tool if your flash is on cooldown and the enemy escape tools as well when thinking of chasing. Be aware of which enemies are showing on the map and who can react.

How did you like our League of Legends Wild Rift pro tips? Do you have more tips for us? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Did not know the base recall can have this much Impact. Thanks a ton for the explanation.

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