Wild Rift Patch 2.3 Update: Rune Updates to bring choice to pre-game

This Patch is all about Runes Upgrades in game!

The developers of League of Legends: Wild Rift has just released their monthly Dev Diary for the Wild Rift Patch 2.3 Update. These patch notes are focused on the various rune upgrades, which are intended to bring some variety into the pre-game plans. The devs from Riot Games are aware of the limited amount of runes there are on Wild Rift currently which encourage a specific set up of runes for a champion to fit in every situation. However, this was not intended by the devs, who wanted players to choose runes as they do with items, by analysing their opponent lane and enemy. In this article, we will look at the latest runes updates which will be introduced to the game on the release of Wild Rift Patch 2.3 Update.

Nevertheless, no runes were just added, instead, runes that were underperforming were either buffed or in the case of runes that were a bit overperforming, they were nerfed. Some runes had been completely changed with newer ones. These are being present in the new-released patch notes. Almost every rune category besides the Domination Runes, who will get small balance tweaks, had major changes to them. Let’s start with the group that got the most changes which are the Resolve Runes.

Resolve Runes

Wild Rift Patch 2.3 Update
Resolve Runes

The runes that capitalize on defensive capabilities have a total of 3 runes, that got replaced with newer ones and 1 rune, which has been buffed to improve the situational usage.

1. Backbone -> Bone Plating

Backbone, which gave either MR or AR-based on what is lower, was replaced with Bone Plating. This was done to give reliability which Backbone was lacking. Bone Plating reduces the damage taken after getting attacked 3 times by a champion’s ability or basic attack. This new rune will counter champions who rely on combo attacks to deal heavy damage.

2. Regeneration -> Second Wind

Regeneration, which regens missing health or mana based on lower stats, was replaced with Second Wind. This was done to change its unclear value in comparison to other runes. Second Wind increases your overall health regeneration and also gives back a portion of your missing health after taking damage from an enemy champion. The effect is doubled for melee champion. The purpose of the rune is to give sustainability during laning phases, especially for tank supports. This will counter poking champions in general.

3. Spirit Walker -> Adaptive Carapace

Spirit Walker, which gives bonus max health and slow resistance, was replaced with Adaptive Carapace. This was done to give the rune’s place a clearer and niche purpose. Adaptive Carapace also gives bonus max health. But instead of resistance, it increases one’s defence when below 50% health. This rune will definitely a good pick for a lot of tanks. Therefore, the usual user of Spirit Walker will not be that sad to see the rune getting replaced.

4. Conditioning (Buffed)

Wild Rift Patch 2.3 Update
Buffed Rune- Conditioning

Conditioning, which did give 8 bonus AR and MR after 5 minutes has got a buff in this Patch 2.3 Update. This makes it give another 2 bonus AR and MR every 2 minutes after reaching the before mentioned time limit. This makes Conditioning a late-game rune, thus benefiting all the tank champions which usually take advantage of this rune.

Keystone Runes

Following up are the Keystone Runes, which are the primary runes shaping one’s playstyle. It does contain 2 underperforming runes which got has got replaced in the latest Patch Update.

Changes to Keystone Runes

1. Kleptomancy->Phase Rush

Kleptomancy which did give a random item effect on every other ability/basic attack has got replaced with Phase Rush. This was done as the former rune was rarely used by players.  Phase Rush will grant a large burst of Movement Speed and resistance after hitting a champion with 3 separate attacks/abilities within 3 seconds. This rune will support all burst type of champions who lack or just want some movement speed to catch up or escape a champion.

2. Font of Life (Buffed)

Wild Rift Patch 2.3 Update
Buffed Rune- Font of Life

Font of Life, which did grant allies attacking a champion heals overtime after disrupting their movement, got a buff. This was done to make it more usable for a champion who doesn’t have impairing attacks. Now, it will be activated by only hitting an enemy champion with either a basic or ability attack. Besides your allies, you will get healed as well. Each ally does trigger the healing once though. This change should make the rune getting used more by other champions. Activating it will be much easier now.

Inspiration Runes

The last rune category aimed for adapting one’s playstyle Inspiration Runes got 2 rune changes, but not been replaced.

1. Mastermind (Nerfed)

Wild Rift Patch 2.3 Update
Nerfed Rune- Mastermind

Mastermind which did deal a total of 10% bonus true damage to epic monsters and turrets and earns you extra 100 gold and 500 XP for each objective has got nerfed since it outperformed other Inspiration runes. It has lost the true damage and only does 10% adaptive damage to turrets now. Moreover, the XP gain was taken out and as compensation, you would earn 20 more gold now. These changes intend to stop fast experience gains, shifting the use of these runes to the jungler role.

2. Sweet Tooth (Buffed)

Wild Rift Patch 2.3 Update
Buffed Rune- Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth increases the Honeyfruit’s healing effect and gives bonus gold for each fruit. It has been buffed for the support role. It would now also gives bonus gold to the player as well as a nearby ally. Though, it does not matter who eats the fruit to proc this effect. The rune has got buffed especially for the support class. Therefore, the marksman aka ADC would also get a benefit from the support eating the fruit.

Alongside the above changes, the developers have also hinted at some future item changes which will probably be revealed in the following Patch Notes. In case, one wants to follow our exclusive Runes Guide, do check here.

What are your thoughts on the League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 2.3 Update rundown? Let us know in the comments section below!

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