Wish Us Luck is a new multi-plot interactive fiction game now available on Android and iOS

Winner of Best Mobile Game award at the BIG Festival 2022

The recently launched interactive adventure title, Wish Us Luck, is now available on both iPhone and Android devices (with a PC version arriving on Steam in the near future). Drawing inspiration from films like Pulp Fiction and Magnolia, as well as interactive games like Heavy Rain, the game offers a unique multi-layered storytelling experience filled with challenging choices.

Three distinct yet interwoven narratives unfold, following the journeys of three unfamiliar individuals, all in search of their moment of happiness on a day filled with twists. The directions each story takes are shaped by the decisions made by those involved. However, these choices are far from simple, as aiding one character could spell the downfall of the joyful conclusions for others.

Wish Us Luck
Image via Black Moluska

Dive into the Worlds of an aspiring actress, soccer star, and gambler in Wish Us Luck

The narratives revolve around three city-dwellers who are grappling with creating their own fortunate outcomes. One of them is a hopeful actress, on the brink of losing her job and facing eviction. Her situation worsens as she discovers she’s pregnant with her ex-partner’s child.

Another protagonist is a soccer sensation overwhelmed by the demands of stardom and haunted by his history. The third character, a skilled gambler, loses everything, even his family, and ends up working as a ride-hail driver. These three distinct journeys are unexpectedly intertwined by fate.

The game Wish Us Luck clinched the prestigious Best Mobile Game award at the BIG Festival 2022. This game marked the inaugural release from Black Moluska, a game studio focused on narratives. Comprising a total of thirteen chapters, the first chapter is available for free on mobile devices. Players can easily access the game by downloading it from either the App Store or Google Play.

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