Wordle Cup is a multiplayer version of Wordle

Wordle Cup loved by millions and a million more to come

Wordle is a crossword puzzle game that lets players get 6 chances to guess a five-letter word. With its booming success & millions playing the game daily, Kolkata girl Nayanika Mukherjee and Mehar Kaila have founded a multiplayer version of Wordle, called Wordle Cup

What is Wordle Cup

Using the Wordle Cup, you can challenge your friends to a real-time multiplayer competition. The host determines the number of rounds, the duration, and the length of each session. It’s the first game ever built motivated by the desire for a competitive Wordle game among friends.

The Wordle is composed of a curated selection of words from Peter Norvig’s list of the most common 25K English words, making it a refreshingly different design from the NYT Wordle. You can play this game on all desktop and mobile browsers, and it is free of ad trackers.

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The game was developed in seven days, and upgrades and bug fixes are ongoing. There have already been 8,000+ visits to the site. Players are also able to play in private rooms, solo, or in random public rooms. It is available on PC & mobile.

A big treat for streamers

In our opinion, the speedrun & the streaming aspect of this game is the biggest selling point, since it offers Discord, Twitch & YouTube creators a straight way to stream these tournaments live, ultimately capitalizing on online trends & creating video content.

The Speedrun aspect of the game lets the player set the lowest round timer i.e. 60 seconds to guess a word. Players can set the word length but it becomes a challenge to solve an eight-letter word within the timer. Streamers will be motivated to play more with new challenges every day.

This game is being loved by millions but the cofounder,  Nayanika Mukherjee, is planning to add much more to give it a reputation like Scrabble. A feedback form is also present on the website. Currently, players can vote on the site’s feedback form to decide what features they would like most to see.

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