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Wuthering Waves: Punishing Gray Raven maker introduces testing for its Genshin Impact like open-world RPG in China

Beta testing version of Wuthering Waves is now open

After tasting the success of the Punishing Gray Raven, Kuro Games today officially announced that the first beta testing of its new open-world RPG Wuthering Waves is open. Similar to the Punishing Gray Raven, the new Wuthering Waves is also an open-world RPG following a wasteland style.

As soon as the beta testing opened today, Wuthering Waves turned into a big hit with numerous comments and replies on various social media platforms. Some players also claimed that this is a pro-max version of the Punishing Gray Raven after testing the game.

Wuthering Waves closed beta test: What can the players expect

The test players have shared their experiences after playing the beta version of Wuthering Waves on various social media platforms. According to them, the beta version allows players to choose from three playable characters. They can get to experience some of the main stories in the early stages. The cut scenes seemed to be excellent with some great UI designs and the characters possess many skills that can be used.

Wuthering Waves, Wuthering Waves beta testing
Image via Kuro Games

Just like the other games, Kuro Games have focused on an active yet difficult combat strategy and retain PGR’s spirit of “you get hit, you get rekt“. Talking about the characters in Wuthering W, each of the characters possesses core passive mechanics just like the PGR.

In terms of open-world exploration, Kuro Games have never disappointed its fans. Asides from the wasteland style, Kuro has designed the downtown area by mixing important elements of Chinese traditional architecture and ultra-modernized architecture with some good story cut-scenes.

Final Thoughts

Apart from these positive comments on the game’s overall development, plenty of criticisms also followed. Some of the test players have also claimed that it had copied many elements from the famous Genshin Impact. Some have criticized its combat tactics claiming it to be pretty slow with the skills having cooldowns.

Overall, The first beta testing version of Wuthering Waves is going quite well with Kuro Games retaining their professional action design and unique art style. The game is expected to release this year so tighten up your belts and get ready to play this open-world RPG, meanwhile, the fans can stop by the official website for more information.

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