Xsolla announces partnership with AppsFlyer to streamline cross platform data driven insights for game developers

Developers will be able to optimise marketing strategies and future budgets.

The global video game commerce firm, Xsolla, has revealed a collaboration with AppsFlyer, a prominent B2B SaaS and marketing technology enterprise. In the prevailing trend of the gaming sector being chiefly driven by mobile earnings, Xsolla’s incorporation of AppsFlyer into their Web Shop services introduces a means of measuring across various platforms.

This facilitates developers in obtaining crucial insights into players, estimating the efficacy of their webshop and marketing strategies, and enhancing the performance of the web sales channel. Through this amalgamation, game developers can collect and assess user actions and engagements both on the web and within the game. Consequently, they can compare metrics, and derive invaluable observations, all facilitated by user-friendly dashboards.

AppsFlyer Xsolla
Image via Xsolla

AppsFlyer and Xsolla collaborate to transform user data tracking and efficiency boost

A notable aspect of this collaboration is that it not only grants users of AppsFlyer, a predominantly employed mobile analytics application, the ability to supervise player information on the internet but also has the intention of enhancing effectiveness and granting superior command over data for individuals endeavoring to refine and comprehend their digital customer experience. With forthcoming phases of integration in mind, developers have the opportunity to construct versatile dashboards capable of comparing metrics and deriving valuable insights across different platforms.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with AppsFlyer. It’s a significant step forward in our ongoing support of mobile game developers. The mobile sector continues to drive global gaming revenue and growth. The combination of Xsolla’s Web Shop solution and AppsFlyer unlocks a wealth of data-driven insights into player behavior and engagement, webshop and marketing effectiveness, and web sales channel performance.

Chris Hewish, CEO of Xsolla

These endeavors arise in line with the joint mission of Xsolla and AppsFlyer, aimed at aiding developers of mobile games by presenting a cohesive cross-platform solution encompassing PC, web, and app domains. This solution enables comprehensive measurement of all marketing touchpoints and simplifies the examination of customer journeys and engagements.

AppsFlyer’s data-driven solutions elevate marketing strategies

AppsFlyer operates as a B2B measurement SaaS corporation, enabling enterprises to showcase the business ramifications of their promotional undertakings and arrive at more daring conclusions supported by increased assurance, all facilitated by its impartial data and practical insights. Utilizing AppsFlyer, application developers and marketers gain enhanced comprehension of user actions, consequently refining marketing endeavors for their gaming applications.

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